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Think Your Identity Is Only At Risk Online? Think Again

Data breaches and online identity theft may seem most common this time of year, but offline identity theft can also happen this time of year. With so much emphasis on data breaches and online identity theft, it is easy to lose sight of other dangers around us. Online identity theft, especially during the holiday shopping…

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Holiday Shopping Identity Protection Tips

Avoid scams and protect your identity during one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. Whether you do all of your holiday shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or spread it out over the season both in store and online, there are still plenty of security risks to take into consideration. Identity thieves are…

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5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Modern Document Shredding

Without commercial paper shredding, businesses and residents run the risk of identity theft, compromised ideas, and ruined reputations. We’ve come a long way since the inception of the first paper shredder, and despite it’s rather peculiar and tarnished history, modern paper shredding and document destruction is a process to be thankful for.  Without commercial paper…

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Analog Theft Is a Real Threat to Your Identity. Here’s Why.

Non-digital identity theft

Digital is not the only culprit for identity theft. Your identity can be compromised in ways you didn’t realize. Know the dangers and protect yourself. Identity theft is usually associated with digital media – credit card fraud from card skimmers, electronic data breaches, stolen thumb drives, and phishing email scams seem to be the main…

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Does Aluminum Foil Stop Identity Theft?

DIY hacks are a dime a dozen when it comes to making life easier, but protecting your identity requires more than wrapping your cards in foil. The internet is full of helpful hacks and DIY tips to make life easier (and cheaper), but as it is with any information spread via the world-wide web, some…

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