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Don’t Fall Victim to These Top Vacation Scams

Slow down before you snap up that free vacation or deeply discounted hotel arrangement. Scammers may be waiting in the wings. Who doesn’t love a good vacation or travel adventure?  While going away may be one of the best ways to spend the last weeks of summer, scammers are working hard to get a cut…

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Legal Shred Announces New Office Location In Island Park, New York

New office expansion enables Legal Shred to accelerate growth in document destruction and identity protection for New York City and Long Island residents and businesses. Legal Shred, the identity protection company, today announced its expansion by opening its 3rd office space, located at 55B Saratoga Blvd., Island Park, NY 11558. The new location brings Legal…

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In-House Office Shredders Cost More Than You May Realize

When it comes to paper shredding, don’t rely on DIY methods & in-house office shredders. Purchasing in-house office shredders may seem like a wise investment, but the reality is that office shredders will cost a lot more in time, overhead expenses, and security, which is a lot more than the original price tag.  Here’s why…

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Dangers of Identity Theft From Within the Home

Home is supposed to be our safe space, but identity theft can happen where we hang our hat. While identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated, methods of stealing personal identification through traditional property crimes are still a concern.  This includes burglary and even theft by those you invite into your home.  Is your home an…

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Data Retention 101: What to Keep, What to Delete

Data retention isn’t about keeping all of your data. It’s knowing what to keep and what to delete permanently. Whether you’re a small business or a corporate enterprise, developing a data retention policy is crucial for cost management, liability, and keeping processes running smoothly. When it comes to electronic data, exactly how much are you…

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Homeowners: Know When to Hire a Shredding Company

Need to clean up your personal documents? Don’t just throw them in the trash. Here’s why homeowners should rely on professional mobile shredding services! Homeowners need to shred sensitive documents for the same reasons businesses do: to protect identity and sensitive information by way of document destruction, rendering information useless. Think about it this way:…

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Have a Home Business? Don’t Discount Document Security

Home-based businesses need a document security plan in place.  Here’s how to start. When it comes to safeguarding document security, the challenge for home-based businesses is there are aren’t enough processes to mitigate risk while generating, using, and sharing documents.  It is up to the home-based business professional to create, secure, and implement a document…

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Have Hard Drives To Get Rid Of? Here’s How To Do It Safely

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According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “Destruction of media is the ultimate form of sanitization.” Most of the standards that exist to erase a hard drive mention several ways to physically destroy one including disintegration, grinding, pulverization, incineration, melting, and of course, shredding. This month, Legal Shred is looking at the benefits…

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