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Keeping Information Secure With Proper Document Storage

There are many ways to ensure that your secure documents remain that way, whether you are dealing with electronic or hard copies. Here’s how to secure and store your sensitive documents.

Identity theft cases across the U.S. are on the rise, which is why it’s important for businesses to take the proper precautions to protect and secure sensitive information.  While many thieves scour the Internet for personal information, some still rely on old-fashioned methods, like mail theft and trash digging.  This is why it is imperative for businesses to keep current and old documents properly secured and stored until it’s time to destroy them.  Here’s how to keep your physical documents secure.

At the Printer

Don’t leave sensitive data on the printer for anyone to pick up.  If you print to a shared printer, immediately retrieve your document.  If you scan and email sensitive documents, talk to your IT professional to ensure data is encrypted and that the printer removes archived files on a regular basis.

The Filing Cabinet

Employee data, customer information, and other types of sensitive documentation requires a locked cabinet.  Medical offices where patient privacy is of the utmost importance is also a consideration, so you will want to invest in a high-quality wood or metal file cabinet that can offer a certain level of security. While plastic models may come with an attractive price tag, they simply can’t accommodate the same locking mechanisms that are available in other models.

In addition, if you are storing important and rare documents, you will want to provide the maximum level of protection against outside accidents.  You may want to look into steel models that can resist impact and protect against water damage and other potential hazards.

If You Need to Send Documents…

If you need to send hard copies of certain files or simply trust this method more than online, then finding and using secure document couriers is the best option.  Tracked services mean you can keep tabs on your documents when they are in transit for that extra confidence.  It is important to check any terms and conditions, knowing who is liable should there be an issue.

For Documents That Need to Be Shredded

While an old trash bin or storage box certainly serves the purpose of containing paper waste, it’s not a secure nor safe solution.  Any person can easily access the receptacle and fish through paperwork to steal social security numbers, addresses, bank account numbers, and more.  A trash bin should be used just for that – trash.  Consider a locked bin for all documents that need to be securely destroyed.  Locked consoles have the look and feel of office furniture with the security of a dead bolt lock to keep wandering hands out of sensitive files.  The console comes with a usable space on top, perfect for printers, fax machines, office supplies, and more.  Paper is easily disposed of through a side slot, and when it’s time to destroy, the contents are removed and shredded in minutes.

For all physical documents, it is no use simply putting them all in a filing cabinet and forgetting about them.  Especially for highly sensitive material, a few secure steps need to be taken to ensure they are at as little risk as possible of theft.  Start by making sure that the area itself where they are all kept is locked at night, as well as any individual cabinets they are in.

Don’t skimp on document storage prior to destruction. Your identity, safety, and reputation depend on it.

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