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Getting Away for the Holidays? Beware of Hotel and Cruise Scams

Here are some of the most popular hotel and cruise scams others have fallen victim to and the details you should be aware of.

The holiday season is one of the most popular times of year for travel. Whether you’re a family jetting away to some warm place, or you’re a lone traveler in search of the next great getaway, there are some important things to keep in mind as you book your travel reservation if you want to keep your security and finances protected.

First, there are some obviously fishy vacation deals – like the phone call that you’ve won an island getaway from some random caller – then there are the less obvious ways you could become a victim of a scam this season.

Sophisticated scammers are using much more elaborate ways of tricking people into thinking they’ll be going on the trip of a lifetime. Here are some of the most popular hotel and cruise scams others have fallen victim to and the details you should be aware of.


Most of the time, free all-inclusive cruises and trips being offered through emails and phone calls or as part of a contest you’ve won, are exactly that – too good to be true. Instead, these trips end up being laden with fees, poor amenities and constant pressure to upgrade packages once there, to up your out-of-pocket costs. There’s nothing free about these scam cruise packages. Be sure to check with a trusted travel agent or accredited travel booking site before committing to a cruise you’ll be wishing you never went on.


Before you try to book your hotel and travel for this holiday season online, be sure you’re aware of the fact that fake online booking sites are on the rise and have become an easy place for scammers to steal people’s personal information. These sites are set-up to look just like a credible site by mirroring its design and layout. This makes it easy to fall victim to. Always check a sites URL to ensure you’ve navigated to the right page, or better yet, call the airline or hotel directly to complete your reservation.

If you’re ready to book your holiday travel reservations, be sure to follow these tips and protect your identity and finances so you can actually enjoy the vacation you have planned.


Hotel and Cruise Scams

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