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Medical Device Data Tracking – What You Need to Know

Medical device data tracking is one way that the FDA regulates the control and tracking of medical devices. But is it putting people at risk for a breach?

Working at a healthcare organization comes with a requirement to protect patients and their private information at all times. Today, with the influx of new technologies and innovations helping patients to lead better lives, there is more need than ever to provide secure and compliant processes when handling their private medical data.

Medical device data tracking is one way that the FDA regulates the control and tracking of medical devices. With the process, manufacturers are required to setup a system where they can easily send out alerts and recall devices to get them pulled from the market and also to alert patients using the devices about any potential risks to their health.

The issue with the tracking is that the system will also contain identifying information about the patient. There is a right to waive the tracking if a patient wishes which won’t collect things like their name, address and social security number, but doing this could result in risks that far outweigh the benefits.

Instead, manufacturers and health organizations need to work together to build stronger relationships and tools that track the security of their networks and ensure they are consistently protected so that no breach of data is present.

There’s also a need for better steps to be taken by patients and healthcare workers to ensure data that is shared is held as private as possible at all times.

Maintaining strong partnerships with waste disposal companies that offer destruction services as well as practicing safe storage and record-keeping, are all efforts towards reducing the overall possibilities of a breach.

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Medical Device Data Tracking

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