Angie’s List: Protect Against Idenity Theft

Angie’s List: Protect Against Idenity Theft

ANGIE’S LIST — With incidences of identity theft on the rise, you really have to be conscious of how you dispose of your personal information. Residential paper shredding reduces the risk of having your confidential documents stolen and used against you.

If you’ve ever tried shredding your own documents at home, you know the challenges that come with it. Spending hours shredding paper in a small shedder that constantly jams and requires frequent emptying of the paper bin is enough to frustrate the most patient person.

One of the advantages of hiring a residential paper shredding company is the time you save. These companies have the equipment to complete your job in minutes. The security of your confidential information is another advantage. All the shredding is completed in a secure environment while you wait. To reduce the risk of your documents being reconstructed, the shredded material typically goes into bales with multiple customers’ shredded documents and is dumped at a paper recycling center.

Angie’s List: What Should I Shred?
Not sure what you should shred? Anything that has personal, identifying information should be disposed of properly.
•Expired licenses
•Credit card bills
•Bank statements
•Old legal documents
•Voided checks
•ATM receipts
•Solicited pre-approved credit card applications
•Any document that has your Social Security number on it

Angie’s List Tips: Hiring a Shredder Service
•Look into the company’s reputation. Make sure they have a record of protecting sensitive information.
•Find a company that will show you their process. You should be able to watch your items through the process, and it shouldn’t be shrouded in secrecy.
•Make sure they use a cutting method that maximizes the protection of information. A shredding company shouldn’t use strip-cut shredders, the cut needs to be more complex.

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