Hard Drive Destruction

Why destroy old hard drives?

  • Many of the programs available for sanitizing a hard drive do not completely wipe the data from the drive.
  • The software used may leave traces of data or just delete the directories leaving whole blocks of information behind.
  • If the platter is left intact that data could be accessed.
  • There is also the threat of someone using reconstruction software on your old hard drive–software that will recover and restore any data left behind on a computers hard drive.
Solid State Hard Drive

When it comes to finding the right solution for your hard drive or computer destruction Legal Shred is best suited for all your needs.  We have solutions that include SSD or HDD but further we can provide full dismantling and recycling of your computer components.

In addition to computer hard drives we also provide cell phone, iPad, iPhone, android and all other tablet destruction services using our fully secure grinder that destroys all the small parts included in items like cell phones.

Identity Theft Protection

Our Process

Legal Shred's offers many options for hard drive destruction:

  1. Hard Drive punch (most cost effective onsite option) at your location a method of bending the platter, crushing the read/write head and damaging the circuit board.  After destruction we recycle the materials where separators remove aluminum from the shredded hard drive mix; copper comes out of the stream through the use of reverse polarity magnets, while traditional magnets pick out any steel left over.
  2. Offsite or Onsite HDD or standard hard drive shredding
  3. Offsite or Onsite SSD or solid state hard drive shredding
  4. Offsite ONLY - Small electronic grinding
  5. Serial number scanning and capture for your records
  6. Or any combination

After all services we provide a certificate of destruction

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