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An Identity Theft Waiting to Happen?

Identity-theft victim wins $105K jury award for night spent in lockup and arraignment in jail garb

Identity Theft in the Valley

Identity Theft — Unplugged

Identity theft tops list of US consumer fraud complaints: report

Identity theft tops crime chart

Identity theft topic of talk May 1

Identity theft is top consumer complaint in 2007

Identity theft top concern among Malaysians

Identity theft at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and more

Identity Theft Texas

Printing Mistake Threatens Identity Theft

Identity Theft and Tax Time Tips

Identity theft targets young people

Identity Theft – Tales from two who were targeted

Identity theft taken to a whole new level

Identity theft suspect racked up $787,000 in debt

Identity-theft suspect pleads guilty in plea deal

Identity Theft shredding

Identity Theft Scam Targets Midtown Restaurant Customers

Identity Theft Scam At Albertson’s Grocery Stores

Identity theft rules mean getting rid of information

Identity theft rooted in documents – shred them

Identity theft a risk for students

Identity theft rises, consumers rage

Identity theft is on the rise

Identity Theft on the Rise in North Dakota

Identity theft on the rise in Florida, Gainesville no exception

Identity theft on the rise, feds warn

Identity Theft On The Rise

Identity Theft Resource Center’s Breach List of 2007

Identity Theft Protection

Is Your Personal Information At Risk?

Identity Theft Protection During Hurricane Season

Identity theft protection

Identity theft a problem for all businesses

Identity Theft – Part 1

IDENTITY THEFT ‘I need your social security number’

More Identity Theft In Mobile Phones, Computers Than On Internet

The identity theft and meth connection

Identity Theft Loss Doubles

Identity theft? It’s more like ‘life’ theft

Identity Theft Legislation Passes

Identity Theft Leads to Increased Tax Fraud in U.S. (Especially Florida)

Identity theft law moves to Florida governor

Identity Theft: Do You Know Where Your Child’s Credit Is?

Identity theft keeps expanding

What is Identity Theft Insurance and Do You Need It?

Identity theft: What to do it if happens to you

Identity Theft: Be on Guard

Identity theft growing in undocumented job market

Identity theft a growing problem

Identity theft a growing issue

Identity theft only going to get worse

Identity theft by your own friends – Friend of Oakland A’s outfielder found guilty of fraud, ID thef

Identity Theft Fraud Protection Agency Offers Identity Theft Restoration

Identity theft : Florida top state in country for identity theft complaints

Identity Theft: Florida Man Allegedly Planned to File 100 False Tax Returns

Identity Theft Facts: What You Need to Know

Identity Theft Exploding Across South Florida

Identity Theft Expert Points to Organized Crime and Warns that Identity Thieves Target All Demographics

Identity Theft and Employer Liability

Identity Theft: Do Your Employees Have Too Much Access?

Identity Theft: Don’t be duped

Identity Theft Cost $45B In ’07, FTC Says

Identity theft convict sentenced to 30 years

Identity theft continues to be high in Southwest Florida

Identity theft cases on the rise

Identity theft: Be careful when purging sensitive documents

Identity theft can happen

Identity theft can happen to anyone, anywhere

Identity theft: The business time bomb

Identity theft big among college students

Identity theft becoming crime of choice

Identity theft affected 17.6M, cost $15.4B in 2014: Justice Dept.

Identity Theft 911 report blames illegal immigration, government inaction for state’s top ranking

Identity Theft Up 50% Since 2003

Identity Safety

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Identity fraudsters warning

ID thieves may use your info to apply for unemployment checks

ID thefts of 49 cops lead to crime ring, feds say

ID Theft Rings Install Card Skimmers Across Florida

ID theft ring filed false tax returns, bought gift cards, authorities say

ID theft remains a top concern for consumers

ID Theft Passport Would Help Victims

ID theft nothing to kid about

As ID theft mushrooms here, victims suffer

ID theft measure set for final OK

ID theft is the latest threat to attorneys

ID theft fuels ‘tsunami’ of tax fraud in South Florida

ID theft forecast: Gloomy today, worse tomorrow

ID Theft Doubles in Two Months

ID Theft Bill Passes House, Awaits Senators

ID theft bill at least in present form would funnel cash to Florida counties

ID theft bigger threat offline

ID fraudsters turn household rubbish into gold

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Hurricanes and confidential document protection

How Did Hundreds of Medical Records End Up On Road?

Hundreds of documents with personal info found along Jonesboro intersection

How to Protect Your Identity

How to Protect Your Clients This Holiday Season

Hotels urged to use caution when disposing of sensitive documents

Hospital Worker Charged In Identity Theft Ring Targeting Seniors

Hospital Identity Theft Found at Some South Florida Hospitals

Homeowners at risk of identity theft

Home Office Shredding Identity Theft

Have a Home Business? Don’t Discount Document Security

Holy Cross Hospital patient records breached, possible tax scam

Hollywood police launch economic crimes unit

Hollywood man convicted in identity theft scheme

Holidays Likely to Cause Spike in ID Theft

Holiday Time Highlights Data Protection For You and Your Business

ICYMI: The Holiday Shopping Protection Guide

Holiday Season Brings Identity Theft

Holiday Paper Recycling: Fast Facts

Hiring a Professional Document Destruction Company? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Why You Should Hire a Professional Document Shredding Company This Tax Season

Some HIPAA Regulations Relaxed During COVID-19

Facing a HIPAA Audit? Here’s What You Need To Know

A Cautionary Tale: Aetna Mailer Breaches Patient HIV Status

Hempstead Paper Shredding Services

Healthcare sector leads way in Fraud Protection

Hawthorne Paper Shredding Services

Hastings-on-Hudson Paper Shredding

Hartsdale Paper Shredding Services

Hartford Connecticut Shredding Services

Harrison Paper Shredding

Hard Drive Destruction Myths Debunked

Hard Drive Destruction 101

Happy Holidays from the Team at Legal Shred!

Handling the Document Destruction of Medical Records in the Transition to an Electronic System

Don’t Let Identity Thieves Trick You This Halloween

Tips (and Tricks!) for Halloween Identity Protection

Halloween Identity Protection 101: Tips and Tricks

Guarding your identity

Guard against identity theft

Groundwater District Implements Policy to Protect Confidential Personnel Information

Ground Zero Workers Exposed to Possible Identity Theft When Payroll Sheets Tossed in Trash

Greenville Paper Shredding Services

Grand jury indicts for bank fraud, identity theft

Govt to release report on identity theft

Government Busts Identity Theft Ring That Targeted Forbes 400 Richest

Google Landing Page Florida

Google Landing Page New York

Paper Shredding Services

Goldens Bridge Paper Shredding Services

Glen Cove Paper Shredding Services

GLBA Facts for Legal Professionals

Getting Greener With Paper Shredding

Georgia ranked second in identity theft complaints

Gender-based fraud? Are Women Being Targeted?

Gangs Move From Drugs To ID Theft

More free credit reports available June 1

Fourteen Indicted in Florida for Online Banking Theft

Four Steps To Prevent Identity Theft

Four Reasons Why Shredding Sensitive Documents is a Wise Step for Your Future

Forum looks to help seniors avoid becoming ID theft victims

Fort Myers man taken for $20k in credit card fraud

Fort Lauderdale woman pleads guilty in identity theft check-cashing scheme

Former TD Bank employee, conspirator sent to prison for identity theft scheme

Former TD Bank employee, accomplice pleads guilty to identity theft

Former South Miami Hospital worker pleads guilt to identity theft

Former retirement services company worker gets 6 years in ID theft, tax fraud case

Former Palm Beach health clerk gets 2 years in federal prison for identity theft

Former Olympian, UConn Student Charged With Identity Theft

Former Miami Dolphin imprisoned for identity theft

Former domestic sentenced to 2 years in identity theft

Former corrections officer pleads guilty to wire fraud, identity theft

Former city clerk worker accused of ID theft

Former airport worker admits using murdered man’s ID


Florida worst for identity fraud for tax refunds

Florida woman pleads guilty in St. Louis to federal charges of ID theft

Florida Woman Faces 351-Year Sentence for Identity Theft

Florida Woman Charged With Leading ID Theft Ring Tied To Creve Coeur Case

Florida woman accused in rash of identity theft crimes in Milford

Florida student aid accounts used in ID theft

Florida stopped 55,000 unemployment claims for possible fraud in 2014; employees upset by fraud

Florida shredding counties

Florida Sheriff Targets Dozens in $2.8M Welfare Fraud Scheme

Florida school band director charged in ID theft, fraud

Florida Retirees Frequent Identity Theft Targets

Florida Resident Pleads to Tax Fraud and Identity Theft

Florida Ranks Third for Identity Theft

Florida prison guard sentenced in Chicago for inmate ID theft scheme

Florida officials: Monitor finances after Home Depot breach

Why do Florida metro areas dominate the nation for fraud complaints?

Florida Mental Health Patients Hit By ID Thefts

Florida men plead guilty in federal court in St. Louis to identity theft charges

Florida men accused of hitting Cabela’s for $8,000 in items in South Dakota

Florida man who stole identity of US solider fighting in Iraq sentenced to 5 years in prison

Florida man to serve 9½ years for ID theft scam

Florida man sentenced for identity theft

Florida man sentenced in ID theft involving college

Florida Man Sentenced to 34 Months for Identity Theft

Florida man gets three years in tax fraud scheme at sentencing in St. Louis

Florida Man Gets Five Years in Prison for Identity Theft

Florida man arrested in Owatonna for identity theft

Florida Legislator Thinks He Has Solution For Identity Theft Epidemic

Florida Leads Nation In Identity Theft Cases State’s 70,000 incidents

Florida leads nation in fraud, ID theft

Florida leads nation in fraud complaints

Florida Identity Theft

Florida ID theft ‘nightmare’ part of $20B IRS fraud estimate

Florida Hospital: 2 employees copied records of 9,000 patients

Florida Health Clinic Intern Charged with Identity Theft

Florida is fertile territory for crooks making counterfeit credit cards

With Florida at epicenter of tax ID thefts, Nelson pushes for tougher penalties

Florida detective gets more than 9 years for credit card fraud, ID theft case

Florida Court Clerk Jailed for Identity Theft

Florida couple indicted in St. Louis in ID theft, tax fraud scheme

Florida brothers sent to prison for $1.6 million tax refund fraud scheme

Florida becoming a center for identity theft

Florida-based ID thieves strike quickly in Northwest

Florida Attorney General Issues Scam Warning

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, lawmakers team up to protect kids from ID theft

Florida: The #1 State for Identity Theft

FL Woman Sentenced for Her Part in Identity Theft Tax Fraud Scheme Involving U.S. Marines

Five suspects in ID-theft ring jailed in Broward

Five Steps to FACTA Compliance Guidelines Every Business Should Follow

Five accused in ID theft ring that stole $850,000

What financial papers should you keep and for how long?

Fighting identity theft workshop

Fighting Back Against Identity Theft

Feinstein Cosponsors ID Theft Legislation

Feds: Shred those secrets

Feds round up 50 suspects in latest ID theft-tax fraud sweep in South Florida

Feds require financial institutions to create identity theft system

Feds charge tech consultant with fraud, ID theft

What Role Does the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Play in Identity Protection?

Fears of Identity Theft and Fraud Grow

FBI Nabs Florida Cop for Identity Theft

FBI: ID theft a ‘huge problem’ in South Florida

Family finances: It’s a paper world, so dispose of documents securely

Facts about identity theft

FACTA – The fair and accurate credit transaction Act

FACTA A point solution in a broad space

FACTA Law – Document Destruction Required



Facebook users at risk of identity theft

Facebook users at risk of ID theft

Facebook users easy targets for identity theft

Experts warn shoppers to shred all receipts or risk identity theft

Exclusive: Hundreds of private documents found scattered across Grays Ferry

Ex-Woodbury Financial execs enter mediation with former employer

Ex-Wilton Manors man gets five years for ID theft and fraud

Ex-New York Giants DT William Joseph guilty of tax fraud

Ex-medical aide pleads guilty in ID theft case

Ex-Marine sentenced for stealing identities of active military personnel

Ex-hospital worker to serve 2 years for identity theft, fraud

Ex-Health Worker Gets 3 Years Prison For ID Theft

Ex Florida Corrections Officer Pleads Guilty To ID Theft

Ex-clerk from Broward gets three years in ID theft case

Even the Pope is subject to Identity Theft by employees

Erasing, Degaussing, and Destroying Hard Drives, Which Method is Best?

Entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable to identity theft

The Final Quarter of 2017 Means It’s Time to Clean

Employers must guard private data

Employers must destroy records

Employees Steel Identities

What Safety Protocols Should Be Put In Place When An Employee Leaves

Employee finds sensitive documents in trash

Hurricane Season Has Started: Are You Ready?

Elmsford Paper Shredding Services

Eleven charged with identity theft in tax refund scheme

Industries We Serve: Education

The Eco Benefits Of Choosing The Right Document Destruction Company

Eastchester Paper Shredding Services

East Side New York Blockbuster dumps customers’ records on street

Earth Day Is Almost Here. How Does Your Paper Waste Measure Up?

Earth Day Is Almost Here. How Does Your Paper Waste Measure Up?

Dumpster divers are messy — at best

Dumped Mortgage Files Invite Identity Theft

Dumped mortgage documents in Centennial may have been in storage

Driving School Busted for Identity Theft, Fraud

Double Trouble: Being an Identity Theft Victim Can Land You in Jail

Don’t try to vacation on his dime: Meet the identity theft vigilante

Don’t Be A Target of Identity Theft

Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Institution’s Future

Don’t Let Identity Thieves Steal Your Holiday Spirit

Don’t just trash records

Don’t Be an Identity Theft Victim

Donating Safely During These Unprecedented Times

Donald Trump Potential Victim of Identity Theft

Domeen Flowers, Former IRS Employee, Accused Of Identity Theft, Fraud

Documents with Social Security numbers found in south St. Louis dumpster

Document shredding: the why and the how

Document Shredding: Onsite Versus Offsite

Document Shredding: When Employees Are the Problem

Document Retention Schedules? Does Your Business Have One?

Why a Document Destruction Policy Is Crucial

Dobbs Ferry Paper Shredding Services

DMV issues consumer alert on identity theft

Reasons to Ditch the Office Shredder This Year

Electronics Recycling 101: 3 Reasons to Dispose of Your Electronic Devices

Disney-Area Waitress Accused Of Identity Theft Scheme

Disguises add new twist in identity theft cases

Discarding of personal information properly

Digging Up the Dirt: Identity Theft

Destruction Services for Law Enforcement

Despite identity theft concerns, consumers not taking preventive action

The Department of Justice’s Efforts to Combat Identity Theft

Delaware law adds destruction requirements

Defendant Sentenced to Prison for Theft of Government Property and Aggravated Identity Theft

How to Responsibly Dispose of Defective Products

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What Is a Data Breach Anyway?

Data Breach Leads to Identity Theft at North West Florida State College

Data breach costs South Shore Hospital $750,000 fine

Data on 6,000 DCH employees is missing

Danger in your dustbin

D.C. Police investigate alleged discovery of burning personnel documents

October is National Cybersecurity Month

Top 3 Types of Cybercrime & Tips for Protection

Cyber Monday Security Tips


CVS latest retailer cited for identity theft violation

Customers’ sensitive financial documents found dumped in trash

Croton-on-Hudson Paper Shredding

Crook accused of identity theft on the loose

Crompond Paper Shredding

Criminal Identity Theft Investigations Increase 66% at IRS

Crime Watch: FBI tips about how to prevent tax fraud and identity theft

Credit Scars: Youngest Victims

Create a Routine Schedule for Staying Organized

Court mistakenly posts secret pipeline settlement

Cortlandt Paper Shredding Services

Corporate identity theft grows

Cops warn of identity theft, scams

Cops: South Florida Man Uses Victim’s Identities To Cash In Their IRS Refunds

Convenience store operators ran $24M check-cashing scheme

Consumer Watch: More tips on how to avoid ID theft

Consumer Watch Shredder Danger

Consumer Watch: Criminal Identity Theft

CONSUMER WATCH: Act now to head off identity theft

Consumer Alert: Your Child’s Identity at Risk

The Consequences of Improperly Destroying Data

Connected: Identity theft not just one category anymore

Congress considering bills to protect against tax fraud and ID theft

Confidential Records from MHMR Tarrant Found in Trash

Confidential documents found in drain

Confidential Documents Exposed in Dumpster

Confidential documents become Thanksgiving parade confetti

IT Confidential: Is Anyone Doing Anything About Identity Theft?

Concerns at A.C.L.U. Over Document Shredding

Trojan Horse, Virus, Worms and Bots – What are They and What are the Differences?

Does Your Company’s Security Policy Include Paper?

Company concerned over documents theft. Employee is suspected

Companies not doing enough to protect confidential info

Companies get ready to shred

If companies cheat, they get burned

A Common Name Could Make ID Theft Easier

College Kids And Identity Theft

Clinic tries to link patients to lost medical records

Clearwater Shredding

City Hall Documents Out in the Open

Chipley woman among 2 pleading guilty to tax scam

How Safe Is Our Children’s Privacy with Mobile Apps?

Child was ID theft victim

Child abuse, neglect records found dumped in alley

A child is 51 times more likely to be a victim of than an adult is

Charlotte Shredding

Chappaqua Paper Shredding Services

Certified Secure Destruction Specialist

Protecting Your Car Dealership from Data Theft

Canadians very vulnerable to identity theft, survey shows

What can I do to protect my children from identity theft?

California parks officials probe possible document destruction

Business Pulse Results: Protecting ID paramount

Brooklyn Shredding – GLP

Brooklyn Mobile Shredding

Brooklyn Mobile Shredding Services

Brooklyn couple arrested for identity theft

Bronxville Paper Shredding Services

Bronx tax preparation service tosses out sensitive documents in garbage

Bronx Mobile Shredding Services

Briarcliff Manor Paper Shredding

Brandon Shredding

Bradenton Shredding

Box with sensitive documents found in Flint street

Bondi Statement On Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

BOLI: Plan to shred sensitive information

Boca Raton hospital employee among those charged for identify theft

Bipartisan Bill Would Hide Social Security Numbers to Block Identity Theft

Secure Paper Shredding Services

Residential Paper Shredding

Bing Landing Page

Bing Landing Page New York

Bing Landing Page Florida

Bill proposed in Tallahassee to fight identity theft

Bill would make state shred ID documents

Beyonce’s, Kardashian’s Identity Thieves Sentenced To Federal Prison

Beware identity theft

Beware of ID theft from work-at-home scams

Better Business: How to avoid being a victim of medical identity theft

Celebrating Earth Day 2019: The Benefits of Paper Recycling

Bellerose Paper Shredding

Bedford Paper Shredding

Bedford Hills Paper Shredding Services

Bay area ID leaks cost jobs, leave victims and businesses in the lurch

Battling a new type of Identity Theft

Bankruptcy biggest risk of identity theft yet

Back to School Identity Protection 101: Stay Safe This School Year

Back to School Identity Protection

Arizona Leads Nation In Identity Theft

AXS-One Sets Industry Standard for Performance in Records Compliance Management Technology

Avoiding the theft for the holidays

Avoiding identity theft

How to Avoid Tax-Return Identity Theft

Avoid being scammed at college

To avoid identity theft, there have been warnings to shred your old documents and financial statement

Authorities Seek 2nd Suspect In Nursing Home Identity Theft

Audit Finds Confidential Documents in Open Spaces at Rath Building

Why You Should Attend Community Shredding Events

Atlantic Beach Paper Shredding Services

Armonk Paper Shredding Services

Arizona leading state in nation for identity theft

Are You HIPAA Compliant?

Ardsley Paper Shredding

Another Y-12 shocker: WSI official suspended after evidence of possible cheating on security tests;

Angie’s List: Protect Against Idenity Theft

America’s 10 Worst States for Fraud (Florida was #1 for 2011)

Most Americans Worry About Identity Theft, According to Poll

Alleged identity theft accused

Agencies take on identity theft

AG sues EZCORP over identity theft

3 Things You Must Do After a Data Breach

A shred of privacy

9 Investigates identity theft trend

9.9 million Americans fell victim to identity theft in 2008, survey finds

80% of Americans worry about identity theft – study

7,800 Seton hospital patients face identity theft threat

6 tips for seniors to protect themselves from ID theft

5 Tips For Identity Theft Protection

5 Document Destruction Myths You Should Ignore

416 LSU patients notified of possible ID theft

3 sentenced, 2 indicted in tax fraud, ID theft

3 held in ID thefts from Apollo Elementary employees

3 charged in Central Florida ID theft ring with 2K victims

25,000 Identity Theft Cases Reported In 2005

2017 Thanksgiving Food Drive

2016 Thanksgiving Food Drive

2 Miami officers face identity theft charges

2 Florida men indicted in identify theft

16 Tips to Keep Your Company’s Information Secure

13 charged with ID, credit card fraud

10 Tips to Protect Yourself From Scammers and Safeguard Your Financial Health

10 Rules For Avoiding Identity Theft ‘Mistakes’

10 NYPD officers victimized in Peekskill identity theft

1 convicted, 2 sentenced in separate South Florida identity theft-tax fraud cases