Confidential Documents Exposed in Dumpster

Confidential Documents Exposed in Dumpster

Bronson, FL — Some clients of a longtime troubled youth program in North Central Florida have had their personal information compromised.

It started when TV20 received information of confidential personal documents being improperly disposed of in Bronson. When we visited the site, we found two dumpters filled and documents sitting on top of a pile of trash in one dumpster. Those documents included social security numbers and patient information that’s supposed to be kept confidential.

The information was from clients of the Henry & Rilla White Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps troubled youth and their families. TV20 reached out to the CEO of the foundation, Linda Durrance, who did not return our calls for comment.

A man claiming to be her husband, Robert Durrance, did show up at the site and told us they recently hired movers to clean the trailer out but couldn’t tell TV20 the name of that company.

Meanwhile, the documents we saw on top of the pile were removed by Robert Durrance, but not necessarily those in piles underneath.

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