Queens Shredding Services

Queens Shredding Services

With several laws mandating the protection of client and employee information, outsourcing your shredding is a very easy way to make sure you are in compliance with many of them. For Queens businesses, Legal Shred is proud to offer safe and effective document destruction services throughout the borough.

Paper is a necessity for businesses, and how we keep and dispose of documents largely depends on its contents, and the rules and regulations. You can’t just toss any old document in a trash receptacle, as it may contain confidential business, employee, or customer information.

For businesses, not only are there federal laws that govern how and when you destroy documents, there are also state laws, too. Non-compliance can result in fines and penalties, so to be sure you’re following all applicable laws, your best bet is to work with a certified document destruction specialist like Legal Shred to take the guesswork out of what should be shredded and what should be retained.

Tens of millions of Americans are victims of identity theft each year, resulting in billions of dollars in cost. A large percentage of those losses are attributable to off-line methods, such as dumpster diving, for documents that contain sensitive data.

The New York Information Security Breach and Notification Act of 2005 applies to any individual or business operating in the state of New York. This law requires businesses, including those in Queens, to notify individuals whenever their personal information has been released to unauthorized parties and when such a breach in security has caused a loss. This act addresses the guardianship responsibilities with paper and computerized customer data.

Legal Shred offers the comfort of knowing that you are following all the rules, privacy and paper shredding laws in Queens, New York.

We also service Queens residential customers who are in need of one-time or routine paper shredding for old tax records, bank statements, and more.

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Queens Shredding Services