New Year, New Vendors: Selecting the Right Shredding Company for Your Business

How can you find out which document destruction specialist will offer the most reliable, secure, and exceptional service in the new year? Look no further than Legal Shred.

As you prepare to start the new year, it’s time to look at your list of vendors and service providers to not only keep your budget in check, but to help you attain your business goals. How can you find out which document destruction specialist will offer the most reliable, secure, and exceptional service? Look no further than Legal Shred.

Legal Shred Offers Many Service Options

Whether it’s a one-time shredding event or routine paper shredding services, Legal Shred has you covered. With routine document shredding from Legal Shred, there are no contracts and billing is automatic. Routine schedules are also flexible; you can set up a weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly schedule, or whatever frequency that works for you. Don’t need the regular service? Legal Shred can come to your home or place of business for a one-time purge.  We also offer drop-off paper shredding services at our offices.

And we don’t just shred paper – we can destroy old hard drives, electronics, x-rays, and we even offer product destruction.

Last, but not least, we also offer local, safe medical waste disposal through our “sister” company – Red Bags.

Legal Shred Is Compliant

Compliance is a top priority of our document destruction process. With several laws mandating the protection of client and employee information, outsourcing your shredding is a very easy way to make sure you stay compliant. Legal Shred offers the comfort of knowing that you are following all the rules, privacy and paper shredding laws, including HIPAA, The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), and the Sarbanes Oxley Act.  All customers receive a certificate of destruction upon completion of a service, to demonstrate that they have taken the necessary steps to destroy confidential information, and to keep the identities of their clients safe from theft.

Legal Shred is Certified

One of the ways we assure our clients that we are the most secure means of document destruction, is by being Mobile Shredding Association Certified. In addition to verifying that strict chain of custody processes are followed, Legal Shred is subject to stringent audits confirming compliance with security standards, including employee background testing, confidentiality agreements, and insurance requirements.

Legal Shred Was Founded By Industry Veterans

Legal Shred was started by brothers Jason and Sean Fredricks and has rapidly grown into one of the largest shredding companies in the state of Florida. Jason and Sean are also Co-Owners with Judith Papo of Legal Shred New York which offers shredding services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  The Legal Shred staff are long-time experts in helping businesses and communities comply with state and federal document destruction laws while keeping documents secure and safe.

Legal Shred Recycles

We don’t always see the environmental benefits of basic recycling that come with proper paper shredding. But, in the long term, it cuts down on pollution, ensures we have more trees to continue the cycle of oxygen without doing any accidental damage to the planet we live on.

Legal Shred securely transports your shredded documents to recycling plant, which then uses the shredded material in other ways.

When it comes to your confidential information, you want a document destruction company with experience and industry know-how.

For 2017, add Legal Shred to your list of vendors. Contact us today.

Secure Paper Shredding

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