What a sense of comfort to watch your risk of identity theft being shredded. I had over ten years of papers and it still didn't fill the bin. The amount it would have cost me in weight, time and effort to bring it to a drop off location would have exceeded what Legal Shred charged to come to me so I could witness the shedding. That alone is priceless! I highly recommend Legal Shred, especially for a small business.
Lori Dunham Evans
July 14, 2016
Everyone at Legal Shred is friendly and incredibly helpful. I had many years of sensitive records that I needed to safely dispose of, and didn't really know how to get started. (Clearly shredding myself would become a career in itself.) The hard part was figuring out what to shred--the easy part was everything that Legal Shred had responsibility for. It was all done in a minute! Thank you all so much!
Elizabeth Hamilton
September 10, 2016
Amazing! We are closing our office and I just received approval this morning from my boss to get the shredding done by your company. I placed a call asking if it could be done today and completely understood that today was a very busy day for your company! Well, you came through and I am so appreciative. From your Office Staff through to the nice two gentlemen that came here to take care of the shredding provided service that was above expectation! Thanks again to your Team!
John Smith
Owner -  Ringling
November 13, 2016
In less than 10 minutes, all of my paperwork was securely shredded! The staff who visited me today were polite, personable and professional.I highly recommend this local service for anyone who is looking for shredding services that are convenient, efficient and worth every penny!
Claudia Hecht
Sterling Optical
November 13, 2016
I've been working on home clean out projects and had years & years of paperwork in my attic and office. I originally thought I was going to shred all of this myself and realized that was crazy as it would take forever. This service is not only for businesses ! I can't believe how fast my boxes of paper were gone & it felt great to accomplish this clean out step. Scott was very nice. He showed me the camera on the truck to see the shredding process - so you feel confident information is not going to get into any wrong hands. Would recommend Legal Shred to any homeowner ( & business).
Louise Lanna Cicio
November 13, 2016
I was so impressed with legalshred The driver was very professional. The service is excellent and efficient. The mobile unit arrived at my door within a few hours of my call. As the shredding process is occurring you can view the process on a screen. The price was very reasonable. I felt secure that my paperwork was properly destroyed. A neighbor saw the truck arriving and was so impressed he also wanted to schedule service with legalshred. I highly recommend this company. It was a relief having ten years of paperwork gone within minutes. No fuss, no muss. Do you come to Connecticut? Will be calling you again! Thank you @ legalshred
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November 13, 2016
I am a mental health.counselor and contacted Legal Shred to ask about a S ecure and safe shredding service for my old confidential client files. Shawn was most friendly and helpful, offering several options to me. I chose to arrange to bring the closed files from my practice and those of a colleague to their location where I could view the shredding process. Jason met me and got the shredding done in 10 minutes. The cost was minimal and convenient payment made. I highly recommend this friendly, competent service!
Sheridon Kooker Levens
November 13, 2016