Brooklyn Paper Shredding Services

Brooklyn Paper Shredding Services

Brooklyn Paper Shredding Services are trusted with confidential information provided by customers. From credit card data to addresses, phone numbers and email contact information, customers provide a great deal of information that they expect will be kept secure.

One of the simplest tasks that Brooklyn companies can do is implement an effective document destruction policy.

Brooklyn businesses should work with a document destruction specialist that prioritizes identity protection like Legal Shred.

When Brooklyn businesses have a document destruction policy in place, clients and customers will appreciate the fact that your company takes their security and safety seriously. You can also have the best chance of avoiding data breaches that could cost your company its hard-earned reputation.

Legal Shred is proud to stand by Brooklyn businesses to help safeguard their customers and their business integrity through our Brooklyn paper shredding services.  With our mobile Brooklyn shredding we provide curbside shredding where you can watch the whole shredding process.  

We offer one-time and routine shredding services for Brooklyn residential customers, too. For Brooklyn residents, any documents that contain sensitive information such as tax returns, investment statements, bank statements, cancelled checks, credit card solicitations, credit card statements, or anything that contains a social security number should be shredded, not discarded.

Legal Shred is devoted to the residential customers and businesses in Brooklyn to keep identities and reputations in tact.   

We also provide Brooklyn Medical Waste Disposal through our sister company  Please call for a quote today

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