Legal Shred Is Certified By the Mobile Shredding Association. What Does That Mean?

Legal Shred is certified by the MSA, and here’s what that means for you.

You might see and hear about the Mobile Shredding Association (MSA) when working with a document destruction company, and while you may not be familiar with what the MSA is or what the organization does, it’s actually a crucial part of working with a shredding company. Legal Shred is certified by the MSA, and here’s what that means for you:

It’s Independently Run

The MSA is a nonprofit association comprised of independent mobile shredding companies. These companies provide support services and training to certified members.

It Means Accountability

Per the MSA, all members must meet stringent security requirements and are held accountable by submitting to annual random audits. These audits are conducted by a third party auditor who is Board Certified in Security Management and has more than 10 years experience in auditing mobile shredding operations.

It Means Security

Using an MSA-certified provider means you are working with a vendor who has met all of the necessary steps required, under all regulatory guidelines, to protect sensitive data.

If you’re shopping for document destruction vendors to work with, it is absolutely imperative that you choose an MSA-certified vendor for your document destruction programs.

Legal Shred’s active involvement with MSA gets us the latest information on data destruction best practices, enabling us to give you the best quality of service. By becoming a certified member, we are held to a higher standard of data destruction policies and procedures, so you can rest assured that your data will be securely and completely destroyed.

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