Who We Serve: Residential Customers & Communities

Legal Shred is proud to offer residential shredding in addition to our other identity-protection services. 

We are in the business of helping, well, other businesses protect the identities of customers and clients, but we don’t just focus on the corporate world. As the identity protection specialist, Legal Shred is devoted to residential customers and the communities in which we work and serve.

Homeowners and home offices need to shred sensitive documents for the same reasons businesses do: to protect identity and sensitive information by way of document destruction, rendering information useless.

Think about it this way: paper shredding is another measure of protecting your family. While decluttering is a cathartic and necessary process to keeping homes clean, tossing sensitive documents in the trash opens residential customers to identity theft. Once trash is left at the curb, it is considered public property, which means wrongdoers and thieves can easily rummage through trash bags to take what they need to open a credit card in your name, take advantage of your health insurance information, or use your social security card to wreak havoc in other ways.

Documents that contain sensitive information include tax returns, investment statements, bank statements, cancelled checks, credit card solicitations, credit card statements, and anything that contains a social security number.

Remember, not everything has to be kept forever. Certain documents should be retained for a specific amount of time, and afterwards they should be properly destroyed, not put to the curb on trash day. That is why Legal Shred is happy to provide residential shredding services.

Legal Shred can come to your home with our mobile shredding trucks and safely and securely destroy your documents on the spot. Just contact a representative and then you can start preparing for your first visit.

What’s more, Legal Shred participates in many community events in the cities where we have a presence not only to raise awareness of proper document destruction, but to promote identity protection.

Legal Shred is proud to offer the same secure and compliant destruction methods to residents that our business customers rely on for protection.

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Residential Shredding

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