How Do Shredding Trucks Differ From In-house Shredders?

How Do Mobile Shredding Trucks Differ From In-house Shredders?

A brief look at the heart of our business: our mobile shredding trucks! 

So you’ve decided to contract with Legal Shred to help destroy your documents. Congratulations! You are taking an active part in protecting your identity by properly shredding your documents instead of tossing them in the regular trash.

After you’ve prepared for your visit, you may be wondering how the shredding process actually works. Our mobile shredding trucks work similarly to in-house paper shredders, and while the concept is the same, a shredder truck is much more efficient at destroying old documents and hard drives, especially in large quantities.

The difference

Office shredders or in-house shredders usually shred papers in long strips and dispense of them into an attached receptacle. These work for small-scale projects, but mobile shredding trucks take this a step further. Instead of a feeder, our trucks have a large opening that can take much more paper at a time; our trucks are designed to grab larger materials that can pull most items through, and that includes stacks of paper with staples, clips, and more.

Engineered for large-scale projects

Mobile shredding trucks are a bit of an engineering marvel! Where in-house shredders fail, mobile shredding trucks succeed. These machines can destroy up to 8,000 lb. of paper an hour and have the ability to store 5,000 to 20,000 lbs. of shredded paper.

Of course, mobile shredder trucks aren’t exclusive to shredding paper. They are equipped to destroy media as well, including CDs, DVDs, hard drives, and product overruns.

(Ours have been known to destroy purses, wedding dresses, police uniforms and even perfume samples!)

Think about it: mobile shredding trucks save time and money because your employees will spend less time shredding documents and more time performing what they were hired to do.

Many laws, such as HIPAA and GLBA mandate the destruction of sensitive data, such as customer and patient information, as well as financial records. Legal requirements are especially stringent for companies in healthcare, finance, technology, insurance, and law. If not properly destroyed, this information can fall into the wrong hands. Whereas strip-shredding commonly found in in-house shredders has the possibility of being reassembled, shredder trucks shred documents into much smaller pieces, making it impossible to ever recover.

Working together with our customers, we securely shred and recycle following federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines. With a focus on protecting the environment and your identity, we ensure the security of your materials and provide a certificate upon completion of destruction.

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