Preparing For Your First Shredding Visit

Preparing For Your First Shredding Visit

Ready for your first shredding visit? Here are a few tips to make your visit easier.  Whether you’re a business or homeowner, chances are you probably have some papers that you can do away with. It’s a good habit to go through old documents that you no longer need, especially the ones that have long outlived their retention periods.

When you’re ready to ditch the old paperwork, it’s time to call a certified document destruction specialist to keep your information and identity safe. Once trash or recycling is placed out on the curb or a designated location for pick up by trash collectors, it is considered discarded by the property owner and becomes public domain. Keep your documents safe and secure and call upon Legal Shred to take care of it for you.

Are you ready for your first shredding visit? There is actually very little to prepare when working with Legal Shred, as our team is able to handle the majority of it for you. Here are a few tips to make your visit easier.

What kind of visit do you need?

Are you a business that will need routine service? Legal Shred can set up a routine schedule so that your paper clutter is a non-issue. If you’re a resident or business that needs a one-time clean up, we can take care of that, too. Our mobile shredding trucks will come to you, so no need to pack up your boxes and haul them away. Call Legal Shred and let us help you set up a routine schedule or visit that meets your needs.

Collect your documents that need to be destroyed.

Probably the most arduous task you’ll have before your first visit is compiling all the documents that need to be destroyed. No job is too big or too small; whether you have a storage room full of ready-to-destroy documents or just one folder of expired tax records, we can take care of it for you.  For cost-savings and convenience, please make sure to provide us with a good estimate of exactly how much paper needs to be shredded, and any special instructions our drivers may need to access the paper (i.e. multiple flights of stairs, basement or an attic location, gate access, building requirements such as insurance or freight elevator scheduling).  This will ensure that we send the right equipment and the right amount of people to complete the job in the time allotted.

Leave the staples and paper clips.

You’re probably used to removing staples and paper clips when using a small, in-house shredder, but with our industrial shredder trucks, you can leave that to us. These items will be shredded along with your paperwork.

But what about media?

We don’t just destroy paper; we can safely and securely destroy hard drives and computer media. Legal Shred offers hard drive destruction services through the use of our shredders; media and hard drives are shredded into unusable pieces. Data is impossible to retrieve once it has been pulverized. Just let us know what you need destroyed and we’ll make sure it’s taken care of for you the day of your service appointment.

Do you need to dispose of x-ray films?

When at all possible, film should not be disposed of into the waste stream as it contains silver which is a heavy metal and contaminates the environment.  Legal Shred can dispose of old medical, dental and veterinary x-ray films.  Please make sure to keep this material separate from the other materials being shredded.

What to Expect the Day of Your Service

Our drivers will call purge customer half hour in advance of your appointment to confirm the time of arrival.  Please make sure that someone is available to allow our drivers access to the documents to be shredded.  For our drivers safety, please make sure that pets are properly secured.

For less than the price of buying a personal paper shredder, you can have our shredding service come to you. You can save both time and money.

Our goal is to find the right solution based on your security needs, volume, and budget.  If you need help choosing the best solution, our team is available to answer your questions to make your first shredding experience a great one!

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Tips to Help You Prepare For Your First Shredding Visit

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