Top 3 Interesting Items Destroyed By Legal Shred

Top 3 Interesting Items Destroyed By Legal Shred

As the identity protection company, we talk a lot about how and when to destroy your old documents, as well as measures to take to secure and protect your sensitive information.  Below are the Top 3 Interesting Items Destroyed By Legal Shred.

Our trucks have seen a lot of items destroyed over the years, from old bank records and financial papers, to personnel files, trade secrets, product overruns, media files, hard drives, and more.

While we’re in the business of document destruction, we’ve had our fair share of items we’ve destroyed that were not your typical shredding items, and as atypical as they were, it’s a testament that no product or item is too big, small, or strange for Legal Shred to destroy.

Here are our top 3 interesting items that have passed through our shredding trucks.

3.   Purses

While purses and bags are often used to hold personal artifacts, like wallets, money, IDs and more, they’re not common items that are usually left for destruction. We tend to focus on the items IN the purses, but yes, it’s true, Legal Shred has destroyed actual purses, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

It’s not a far cry from what we deal with when it comes to product overruns. Product destruction assures that returned, discontinued, outdated, or overrun products do not return to the marketplace.

Have a few bags that you want to destroy? We can take care of that for you.

2.   Wedding Dresses

We’re not in the business of “trash the dress,” but we have destroyed a wedding dress or two in our day. Here at Legal Shred, our services do not discriminate. Much like having a purse run through our machines, a wedding dress can and will be completely destroyed by our shredding trucks, no questions asked.

If you’re not going to donate it, you can absolutely destroy it and recycle it.

1.  Perfume Sample Packets

This probably falls under the product overrun or trade secret category, but it’s true, our trucks have destroyed perfume sample packets. Whether you’re a cosmetic business or small perfumery, keeping stock of old samples, trials, or proprietary fragrances leads to unnecessary clutter. Tossing these items in the trash opens you up to theft of your product and can ruin your brand.

Sure, you can throw these in the trash, but we have destroyed old perfume sample packets and it was actually a pleasant olfactory experience.

Whether you’re in need of an office clean up, routine service, or destruction of less common items such as purses, dresses, or perfume, Legal Shred can and will take care of it for you.

Contact us today and speak with one of our skilled representatives for all of your destruction needs.