Confidential documents found in drain

Confidential documents found in drain

Hokio Beach Rd resident Charles Rudd could not believe it when he found confidential and legal documents scattered in the stormwater drain across the road from his home.

While he is concerned there is usually litter in the open drain, with the road being on the way to the Levin landfill, he was shocked to find such personal mail.

The documents included detailed Ministry of Justice duty solicitor forms and letters to clients from collections agencies in Porirua, as well as documents from a Christchurch-based law firm, he said.

“This kind of stuff should have been shredded.

“It’s just wrong, and the people who sent the documents and those who they are addressed to would agree.

“It’s their business, nobody else’s, yet I’ve come across them in a drain.”

Mr Rudd said he was surprised that all the documents were either sent from or addressed to people outside the Horowhenua.

“The [Horowhenua District] council have told me no rubbish collections from outside the district end up in our landfill,” he said.

“So how did these documents, being from about six different organisations from elsewhere, end up in our area?

“This is beside the fact that rubbish shouldn’t be coming off trucks on their way to the landfill anyway.”

No-one from the Horowhenua District Council or the contractor responsible for maintaining the drain along Hokio Beach Road was available to comment.

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