Bronx Mobile Shredding Services

Identity Theft Survival

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Bronx Mobile Shredding

Bronx Mobile Shredding

Bronx Document Shredding services.  Watch the full process from curbside on our secure monitor.  Our shred trucks shred 300 lbs of paper in 3 minutes.

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Identity Theft Protection

Hard Drive Destruction

When it comes to hard drive destruction additional care is always necessary.  With Legal Shred your hard drives are given the attention required to insure the information stays secure.  We fully shred your hard drive.  

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Medical Waste

Through our sister company Red Bags we provide medical waste disposal services.  

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64 Gallon Bin

For those companies who need large volume shredding the 64 gallon bin with wheels makes for an easy way to hold volume of confidential papers.  Embedded lock and tamper proof lid and slot for places papers through makes this the perfect piece of equipment to hold large amounts of paper for shredding. 

Executive Console

Executive consoles are the shredding industry standard for provided equipment.  A nice looking piece of furniture for an office environment and has space to hold a printer on top.  


Shredinator is the perfect piece of equipment to hold all your bronx shredding material.  This piece of equipment fits perfectly under a desk.

NAID Certified

NAID Certified provides random audits of bronx mobile shredding companies to insure they are securely handling your identity.

NSA - National Shredding Association

As a member of the National Shredding Association we are able to provide shredding services nationally.  

"Excellent Service. We use this company for my Medical Office. But I used them for shredding sensitive home records when selling my home. They came exactly at agreed upon time. no Bins were needed. Just loaded boxes and bags with papers. They actually had cameras in the shredder truck and I watched the shredding myself. Totally satisfied customer. - Roy"

~ Roy