What Safety Protocols Should Be Put In Place When An Employee Leaves

Employee turnover is inevitable in business. Many human resource departments work to curb the effects it has on operations but as workers come and go, there are some critical security precautions that must be taken.

Things such as password retrieval, equipment returns, removing credentials from badges and even document shredding should all be considered.

Here’s a closer look at the protocols your company should put in place whenever an employee leaves.

Maintain Security Standards & Policies

Keeping your data safe and secure should be a priority at all times. When you onboard an employee, throughout their working relationship with you, and even when they leave. It’s important to create policies around passwords, secure data retention, employee access codes and how to safely use, store and return this sensitive data. In addition to contracts and policies, be sure your IT team has a plan in place for safe removal of access when an employee is terminated.

Know Where Your Data is at All Times

Document management tools can assist with keeping records up to date and stored safely. Just as customer data is important to protect, so too is the personal information in employee files. Regulations on where and how you maintain this paperwork may vary by state. Learning the rules and how long you’re required to keep paperwork with sensitive data around can help you reduce clutter and liabilities. 

Choose a Professional Shredding Company

Once it’s time to dispose of documents, you cannot simply throw them in the trash. Even tearing them apart by hand before tossing is not enough. When you’re dealing with personnel files, you need a professional document shredding company. One that knows the rules, shreds up to industry standards and recycles to ensure data always stays safe. Ensure absolute protection of your confidential information with Legal Shred.

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