The Economic Case for Outsourced Routine Shredding (i.e. How It Can Save You Money!)

Many businesses rely on paper documentation of goods, services, and transactions to keep running a tight ship, but as relationships and customers change, many of these documents quickly become obsolete. However, since they often contain very critical information, you can’t simply throw them away. You may be tempted to employ the use of an in-office shredder to deal with the paper clutter, but this option is often far more expensive than you realize  As you finalize your operating budget for the coming year, ask yourself:

How can outsourced routine shredding services save you money in the long run?

In-office Shredders Cost More Than Just Money

Delegating paper shredding to an employee is a misuse of time and money.  If an employee has to spend their time feeding papers into an uncooperative shredder, dealing with the aforementioned staples and paperclips, would you consider it a good use of staff time? Office shredders also require maintenance, which includes replacement cleaning costs. Is that a worthy business expense?

Human Error Is Too Expensive To Risk

Laws like FACTA, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Privacy Act of 1974, RCRA, and FERPA all require sensitive information be destroyed in a legal manner with proof of destruction, which is not something you can guarantee from an employee. Commercial-grade office shredders aren’t as efficient as industrial mobile shredders and can only handle so much volume at a time. Did your employee actually shred your files properly? Did any files get missed in the process? Can your office shredder handle paper clips, staples, and thicker piles? If you aren’t 100% sure, then you may be risking a hefty fine. An in-house shredder cannot offer you a certificate of destruction, nor can it prove you’ve handled and destroyed information safely and within the confines of the law.

Save Time (and Money) On Disposal

Do you have your employees clean the office on a regular basis?  Do you have them go back and forth to the nearest supermarket to restock the water cooler?  How about engage in regular maintenance?  If you’re a small business, the answer is probably “no.”  Instead you outsource those tasks to professionals, so that your small staff can focus on revenue-generating activities like sales and customer service.  Like with these other tasks, outsourced routine shredding saves time and money.  With professional paper shredding services, you’re also protecting the environment.  All shredded documents are later recycled into other paper products, like toilet paper and paper towels.

Establish a shredding routine with a mobile specialist means there is no need to waste time or business revenue inefficiently dealing with paper waste. For your bottom line, that is absolutely priceless.

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