In-House Office Shredders Cost More Than You May Realize

When it comes to paper shredding, don’t rely on DIY methods & in-house office shredders.

Purchasing in-house office shredders may seem like a wise investment, but the reality is that office shredders will cost a lot more in time, overhead expenses, and security, which is a lot more than the original price tag.  Here’s why in-house shredders are not a good use of company dollars and time, not to mention company security.

In-house office shredders are not efficient.

Even commercial-grade office shredders aren’t as efficient as industrial mobile shredders, and can only handle so much volume at a time.  Let’s not forget that for stapled files, you’ll need a staple remover handy and spend that precious office time removing each and every one of them, including paper clips.  You’ll also need to minimize how much goes into the shredder, as too many documents at once can clog a shredder, or worse, break it, making your investment completely worthless.

Office shredders are a waste of time.

Delegating paper shredding to an employee is a misuse of time and money.  If an employee has to spend their time feeding papers into an uncooperative shredder, dealing with the aforementioned staples and paperclips, would you consider it a good use of staff time?  Wouldn’t you rather that your employees spend business hours on revenue-generating activities, like customer service and sales, than on paper shredding?

Office shredders are not secure.

Office shredders only shred paper into thin strips, which are then tossed in the regular trash.  These thin strips can be easily pieced back together, which is not only a security risk, it could be a compliance issue.  Laws like FACTA, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Privacy Act of 1974, RCRA, and FERPA all require sensitive information be destroyed in a legal manner with proof of destruction, which is not something you can get from an office shredder.  Failure to comply may result in hefty fines and come with legal trouble.

Are your employees trustworthy enough?

In a perfect world, every employee is trustworthy and competent, but it’s better to leave document destruction to a certified and insured specialist who can guarantee your information is kept safe and secure.  A disgruntled employee can easily take proprietary and confidential documents to a competitor, or use information for identity theft.  Why take that risk?

Mobile shredding trucks can shred more paper more efficiently, making the documents themselves useless and unable to be put back together.  Leave the document destruction to a professional mobile shredding company, this way you know you’re getting a verified, ongoing record of regular compliance with legally mandated information destruction requirements.  What’s more, you keep your resources in tact so your employees can do what they were hired to do, saving you time and money.

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