Destruction Services for Law Enforcement

These workplaces are processing various materials, documents and items that are used in crimes, for evidence in cases and that can be dangerous. Shredding services must be secure.

Shredding services are an essential must for businesses of all types and sizes. The last thing any owner wants is to be held accountable for a breach of their customer data or confidential business intelligence.

Professional document destruction services work to not only remove the data from the premises, but also to ensure it’s properly destroyed. In regulated industries and those that have other special factors to consider, the need is even more pressing.

Consider municipalities such as law enforcement. These workplaces are processing various materials, documents and items that are used in crimes, for evidence and that can be outright dangerous to the public.

When it comes to destroying things like weapons, counterfeit items, evidence from police lockers and even uniform materials like kevlar vests and body armor, working with a provider that’s respected and trusted is essential.

At Legal Shred we have many years of experience working with professionals in municipalities to ensure they are following all the rules and regulations required of them in the destruction process.

We are NAID AAA Certified too so you get the reassurance of knowing you’re working with a qualified destruction company – and one that has met all of the necessary steps required, under all regulatory guidelines, to protect sensitive data. As a certified member, we are held to a higher standard of data destruction policies and procedures, so you can rest assured that your data will be securely and completely destroyed.

Some of the key factors to take into account when it comes to destruction services for law enforcement include:

  • Destruction of any out of date and damaged uniforms, badges or other protective gear in a secure manner is needed to avoid possible false impersonation or damage to the municipalities reputation.
  • Hard items like body cameras, old evidence, counterfeit goods that must be removed from the market and safely destroyed should all be processed through a professional shredding service where they are destroyed and processed through machines that render them totally unidentifiable and unusable.

This kind of data and these types of items are especially urgent to destroy and cannot risk being misplaced. Choose Legal Shred to permanently destroy your law enforcement waste in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.


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