Cyber Monday Security Tips

With sales expected to surpass $7B on Cyber Monday, protecting your identity and finances from hackers is critical. Check out our tips.

With Thanksgiving plans in place and just one month until the holidays are in full swing, we’re now entering the biggest shopping season of the year.

Cyber Monday continues to lead the charge in consumer spending and gift buying each year.

With more and more shoppers turning to the online channel for the convenience and ease it provides, Cyber Monday is even outweighing Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year.

In 2017, the day set a record as the largest online sales day ever and this year, predictions are calling for an even bigger outcome with over $7B in sales expected to happen online. That’s a lot of spending! It’s also a lot of information crossing the Internet.

In our current climate, with constant hacks and breaches happenings, it’s a reason to be extremely vigilant about cybersecurity as you shop online this year.

Here are some tips to keep you safe while you head online to start making purchases on Cyber Monday.

Shop Credible, Secure Sites

It can be tempting to get lured into a new shopping site you discover online that offers amazing deals. Oftentimes low prices come with another sacrifice: your security. Before choosing to shop from a lesser-known store online, be sure to check that the page includes a “secure site” padlock logo and also that the web address begins with “https” for added cybersecurity.

Never Use Public Wi-Fi

Shopping on your mobile device is extremely convenient and most stores today make it easy to browse and purchase right from their website. Don’t sacrifice this on-the-go benefit by using public Wi-Fi to process the transactions. It is never okay to submit any personal identifying or financial information using this unsecured type of connection.

Double Check Your Statements and Account Balances

Following your online shopping spree, pay attention to your bank account balances and be sure to look at credit card statements to ensure no extra charges or fraudulent attempts to purchase additional goods happens.

Shred Paper Properly

One of the best safeguards you can put in place to ensure you’re protecting your identity and financial wellness is to use document shredding services. Even if you’re buying goods online, you may print the confirmation page, receive a paper receipt with the package in the mail, safeguarding these documents with your personal information is critical. Never toss them into the trashcan to be stolen.

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