Identity Theft and Employer Liability

Identity Theft and Employer Liability

The Federal Bureau of Investigation calls identity theft an “increasingly insidious and pervasive problem” that can threaten virtually anyone. More ominously, identity theft “costs American businesses and consumers a reported $50 billion a year, causes untold headaches for an estimated 10 million U.S. victims annually, and even makes it easier for terrorists and spies to launch attacks against our nation.”

As identity theft continues to grow as a crime and a social, financial and security concern, questions of liability become more crucial. In light of the criminal and social considerations, the litigious environment of the United States, and existing and emerging laws concerning business owner’s responsibility and liability for the protection of personal data, all businesses, governments, insurance agencies, schools, universities, real estate agents, accountants, car dealerships, lenders, brokers, day care centers, retirement homes, etc…, need to begin to take actions to protect the data of their customers, vendors, contractors and, increasingly, their employees.

The Federal Trade Commission calls Identity Theft “the fastest growing crime in America today.” One in three Americans are already identity theft victims. With new federal laws in place regarding business owners’ responsibilities and liabilities in the event of a security breach, this target market needs help preparing for and preventing such a crisis. The laws do not discriminate against small, medium or large businesses. The laws do not discriminate if the business has 1 employee or 1000 employees. If the business maintains or otherwise possesses consumer information for a business purpose ranging from name, addresses, birthdate, any financial data, SSNs, any health data, etc…, the business is subject to these laws.

The Affirmative Defense Response System (ADRS) helps business owners identify the potential risk within their businesses, realize the need for preparatory action, understand the liabilities they face, and understand the solution that is offered to them by the ADRS program. Through this program businesses, small or large, can learn about their risks for non-compliance with federal legislation regarding identity theft and data breaches. Statistics show that nearly 87% of business owners aren’t aware that these laws affect them, so the need for the program is immediate.

The ADRS program has been presented to the United States Chamber of Commerce.

If You Think You’re Not At Risk, Think Again!

To schedule a time to get more information on how to protect your business against Identity Theft and data breaches at no cost to the business, please contact the Identity Theft Defense at (404) 216-3751. You can also find out more on the web at

The Identity Theft Defense, a member of the Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce, are Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists specializing in helping businesses on how they can protect themselves and their employees against identity theft and data breaches.
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