Identity theft protection

Identity theft protection

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla — After WINK News uncovered dozens of old job applications with social security numbers, addresses, and other personal information in a dumpster behind an Office Max, we wanted to know: what are businesses supposed to do with old applications and how can you protect yourself?

Businesses we spoke with were hesitant to go on camera, but did say they shred all old job applications. They said receipts with credit card numbers are kept in a safe place or also shredded.

Protecting your identity is one of the most important things you can do.

Just Goggle the words “identity theft” and you’ll have more than twenty million reasons why.
Identity theft is one of the most common crimes. It could have happened to any of the people whose information was found in this dumpster behind a Naples Office Max.

But as far we know it didn’t. Nonetheless the story is making people think.

“I’m very careful,” said Wynelle Seiler. She and her friends take identity theft seriously. “Be aware that it’s out there and be aware of what you got,” Seiler said.

However, she and her friends each do something different to protect themselves. “They say every piece of junk mail you’re supposed to shred. Why do you have to do that?” asked Carolyn Ward.

Ward doesn’t shred her junk mail, instead she prefers the old fashion way. “All of those credit card things, I tear those up and sometimes divide them up between trash bags,” she said.

Her friends disagree. They both shred important documents. One checks her credit report regularly, the other keeps credit cards and other important documents locked away.

“You just have to be alert to what you have,” Seiler said.

Having protection is important.

After listening to how her friends protect themselves, Carolyn Ward is rethinking her current method of tearing junk mail up.

“I better do something. Yes,” she said.

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