AXS-One Sets Industry Standard for Performance in Records Compliance Management Technology

AXS-One Sets Industry Standard for Performance in Records Compliance Management Technology

Offers Search Speeds of 2-3 Seconds for 10 Million E-Mail Records
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Date : Wednesday – May 25, 2005

RUTHERFORD, N.J. — (Market Wire – May 25, 2005) — AXS-One Inc. (AMEX: AXO), a leading provider of high performance records compliance management software solutions, staked its claim to industry leadership in performance today with the release of Rapid-AXS(TM), a patent-pending architecture for delivering user-configurable search performance. The new technology offers an unprecedented level of performance for search and retrieval of archived data. While factors such as system infrastructure may affect performance, Rapid-AXS — an integrated feature of AXS-One Compliance Platform 3.5, announced yesterday — exhibited response times of 2-3 seconds during standard archive search queries in a testing environment with 10 million sample e-mail records. The technology can be selectively scaled, utilizing low-cost commodity hardware, to match and exceed those results regardless of how large the archive grows.

“With all research pointing to massively growing content volumes, search and retrieval is becoming a major issue for most archiving vendors and, of course, their customers. The inability to deliver fast search results is a hard lesson to learn, especially when you’re facing the kind of discovery orders now making the headlines,” said Masha Khmartseva, Senior Analyst with The Radicati Group, Inc. “It appears that AXS-One has developed a unique solution to this problem with their Rapid-AXS. The performance relative to the low cost of implementation and maintenance is a compelling combination.”

For AXS-One, a leading force in the enterprise market for compliant electronic archiving for more than 12 years, the new offering marks a clear milestone in delivering performance that matches the real business requirements for search capabilities. Business and industry requirements have evolved from policy-based archival to reduce storage costs and increase operational efficiency, to archiving data based on regulatory and other compliance requirements, to today’s needs — searching large and growing volumes of data rapidly in response to a litigation request or audit. Over the past year, AXS-One has enhanced its performance capabilities to ensure the AXS-One Compliance Platform delivers optimal performance at every stage of its archive process (from initial capture through final secure destruction) regardless of the number of mailboxes it manages and the volume of electronic content it manages.

Live testing performed at third-party test facilities has recently established a real world 100,000-mailbox environment capturing 75,000 e-mails per hour across a 20-hour day and processing 1,500,000 e-mails per day into an archive. This environment was operated with minimal impact on system resources, demonstrating the modular scalability of AXS-One Compliance Platform’s architecture across the end-to-end process for electronic records archival. AXS-One Compliance Platform 3.5 with Rapid-AXS takes AXS-One’s performance leadership a step further by delivering fast, flexible and cost-effective search technology.

“Customers want more than just cost efficiency; they want efficiencies of scale combined with a new level of infrastructure responsiveness that adds real business advantage,” said James Whitemore, Vice President of Network Storage Marketing at Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Sun believes in providing smarter options to build a more standardized enterprise IT infrastructure for high service levels and economies of scale. The Rapid-AXS architecture reflects this philosophy, helping customers scale with transparency and within their budget. We have been thoroughly pleased with the improved performance of version 3.5. We are especially excited about the combination of version 3.5 with the Sun StorEdge 5310 Compliance Archiving System, recently evaluated to meet the SEC’s stringent requirements for electronic storage media outlined in SEC17a-4. AXS-One Compliance Platform Version 3.5 is already a key component of the Sun Compliance and Content Management Solution and the Content Infrastructure System, so customers can begin to make the most of the new high-performance features immediately, enabling them to better address their unique compliance requirements.”

“AXS-One’s new high performance search capabilities will help Sector be responsive to our hosted clients’ needs for quick document retrieval,” said Allan Graham, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Sector, Inc. “This is increasingly important in the event of an SEC examination.”

As compliance officers in several high-profile lawsuits have already testified, searching and retrieving e-mail and other electronic records, even for routine reasons, can be a technology and procedural nightmare. Doing it under the stress of a legal discovery order and a tight deadline aggravates the problems. Archiving vendors are therefore under increasing pressure to provide solutions that deliver high-performance capabilities throughout the information management cycle, from initial capture, through indexing and categorization, to search and retrieval and final destruction.

The combination of performance and reliability offered by AXS-One, as seen in the new AXS-One Compliance Platform with Rapid-AXS, is designed for exactly this level of pressure from every constituency: users, regulators, litigators and corporate executives.

“With e-mail and other electronic records now at the center of so many high-profile lawsuits, organizations need more than just archival technology capable of processing growing volumes of corporate data — they need a complete, scalable, high-performance solution with rapid access,” said Bill Lyons, CEO of AXS-One. “That’s exactly what our Compliance Platform with Rapid-AXS is: It allows organizations to achieve what we believe to be unparalleled performance for searching archived content based on their unique business requirements with maximum flexibility and choice to manage both performance and costs.”

Rapid-AXS delivers on its value proposition of high performance matched with low total cost of ownership and maximum user choice by leveraging a scalable grid model and simple installation to provide a scalable search architecture. Through its utility computing model, which enables customers to use low-cost commodity hardware (rather than high-end proprietary hardware), the Rapid-AXS architecture provides the ability to configure portions of the search grid to achieve specific search performance based on specific search requirements or for service level agreements that need to be met by different constituents within an organization.

“Search and retrieval capabilities for compliance are a critical concern for customers today. Customers need to be able to find and extract the e-mails and other electronic content needed to comply with government directives,” said Cameron van Orman, Director of Corporate Alliances at StorageTek®. “Performance and scalability are both key to StorageTek’s archival strategy, and AXS-One Compliance Platform 3.5 is consistent with that strategy.”

“As the rapid growth of instant messaging continues to outpace the growth of email for business communication, enterprises are being challenged with increasingly complex and cumbersome compliance and discovery requirements,” said Francis de Souza, CEO of IMlogic. “AXS-One’s focus on scalability and performance is therefore great news for our joint customers who can leverage the breakthrough Rapid-AXS technology to address the ever increasing volumes of electronic communications they need to manage.”

Pricing and Availability

Rapid-AXS will be available in June 2005 in conjunction with the AXS-One Compliance Platform 3.5. The AXS-One Compliance Platform 3.5 is licensed according to the number of CPUs in the grid, rather than by the total volume of searchable data, with scalable pricing reflecting the organization. AXS-One will offer the solution to new and existing customers directly and through strategic partners.

About AXS-One Inc.

AXS-One Inc. (AMEX: AXO) is a leading provider of high performance Records Compliance Management solutions. The AXS-One Compliance Platform enables organizations to implement secure, scalable and enforceable policies that address records management for corporate governance, legal discovery and industry regulations such as SEC17a-4, NASD 3010, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, The Patriot Act and Gramm-Leach Bliley. AXS-One’s award-winning technology has been critically acclaimed as best of class and delivers digital archiving, business process management, electronic document delivery and integrated records disposition and discovery for e-mail, instant messaging, images, SAP and other corporate records. Founded in 1979, and headquartered in Rutherford, NJ, AXS-One has offices worldwide including in the United States, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and South Africa. For further information, visit the AXS-One web site at

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