Florida Ranks Third for Identity Theft

Florida Ranks Third for Identity Theft

The State Attorney’s Office says the latest statistics show Florida moving up on the list of states with high rates of identity theft.

“The latest statistics show the year before last Florida was number five in incidents of identity theft. We have unfortunately moved up to number three,” says Assistant State Attorney Patrick Faucheux.

Faucheux has seen cases ranging from siblings signing each other’s names for traffic citations to illegal aliens using someone else’s address for job applications. But it’s what happens after the discovery of suspicious activity that will make all the difference in your future.

First and foremost you should contact your local law enforcement and explain the situation.

“Unfortunately there are people that are always going to steal from other people and we’re going to be on top of them. We’re going to prosecute them,” says Faucheux.

The Florida Attorney General’s Office offers great weapons for your fight to get your life back. An Identy Theft Victim Kit will walk you through the process of sorting out a mess of creditors and banks. Click here to find that kit or call the AG’s Office at 1-866-966-7226.
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