Have a Home Business? Don’t Discount Document Security

Home-based businesses need a document security plan in place.  Here’s how to start.

When it comes to safeguarding document security, the challenge for home-based businesses is there are aren’t enough processes to mitigate risk while generating, using, and sharing documents.  It is up to the home-based business professional to create, secure, and implement a document policy that is just as detailed as the big enterprises.  Here’s how to start.

Home-based Document Storage

Most businesses require a dedicated space to be maintained, not just the office, but a place to store and file documents and records.  This can be a challenge for a home-based business, as space in the home is often limited, leaving business owners with an issue of where to store documents that are critical to the business, but not used regularly.

When you’re looking at options for storing records for your home office, keep both space and environmental conditions in mind.  If there isn’t enough room in your home, relying on offsite storage is a good idea to lock, secure, and keep documents safe.

Don’t Forget Digital Documents

It is not enough to worry only about physical document security because most offices these days operate in the digital sphere as much as the physical sphere.  Documents with long-term relevance should either be kept in specialized digital backups or in the cloud.  Home-based businesses must focus on machine maintenance to prevent breakdown, which is one of the greatest threats to document security.

Secure Your Home-based Business Network

Firewalls and proper access management systems can be installed on your network to prevent unsanctioned intrusions.

Shred Old Records and Hard Drives

Because home-based businesses are typically tight on space, hanging onto old documents and hard drives beyond their retention periods will only create unnecessary clutter and make the space unusable.  Small shredders aren’t often up to the task; businesses create more paper volume that can easily burn out an office shredder.  Routine shredding services, even one-time shredding services can eliminate the task of self-shredding, giving you more time and space to focus on keeping your home-based business efficient. What’s more, mobile shredding services are secure, so document security will no longer be a worry.

For old home-based business hard drives and documents, leave the destruction to the professionals, saving you time, money, and peace of mind.

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