Tips (and Tricks!) for Halloween Identity Protection

Stay safe this Halloween with some identity protection tips and tricks.

Halloween is a fun, yet scary time of year. While some of the scaring is intentional and in the spirit of the holiday, no one should fear for their identities and protecting their information. Focus on the scares that are fun, open a bag of candy or three, and remember these identity-saving tips this Halloween.

If you’re away for trick or treaters, don’t leave an open bowl of candy with a note.

This is a giveaway your home is not occupied. It’s better to leave the lights on, doors locked, and have the trick or treaters move along.

Be cautious of all those doorbell ringers.

Don’t be overly trusting of who you let into your home. You may be granting an identity thief access to vital information, like your social security number and more.

Leave out the candy, hide the “goodies.”

Don’t leave important personal documents out for viewing, especially when you’re hosting guests that will be in costume. Have your personal documents locked up or stored in an inaccessible location.

Designate a homebody while you go trick or treating.

If you have little ones to take trick-or-treating, be sure someone else is home. A house can be easily broken into before anyone notices.

Costumed wrongdoers can go through your trash.

If Halloween falls on a trash day for you, it’s best to keep your bins close by until the fun has subsided. Remember, trash at the curb is public property and can easily be ruffled through by a masked wrongdoer. Be sure to keep sensitive documents for proper destruction and shredding, and only toss actual garbage in the trash.

Identity thieves are excited for the Halloween season, because their perfect costume is your identity! Call Legal Shred today to discuss some identity-saving tips, like safe, secure document destruction.

From all of us here at Legal Shred, here’s to a safe and happy Halloween!


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