Florida Leads Nation In Identity Theft Cases State’s 70,000 incidents

Florida Leads Nation In Identity Theft Cases State’s 70,000 incidents

Florida has become the U.S. breeding ground for identity theft incidents, with 70,000 identity theft incidents recorded in 2012. That amounts to 361 cases per every 100,000 residents.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book analyzes identity theft incidents recorded state-by-state. In the most recent report, Florida’s identity theft rates were jaw-dropping compared to the rest of the country. Many experts believe Florida’s large population of vulnerable retirees and high crime rates make the state a hot spot of identity theft, but in comparison the numbers are still shocking.

Georgia ranked second in the report with 194 identity theft incidents per 100,000 residents. California, Michigan and New York, all states with above-average crime rates, combined account for one-third the amount of identity theft as the entire state of Florida. Finally, Arizona, another state full of retirees, records 30 percent the amount of identity theft incidents as Florida.

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