Donating Safely During These Unprecedented Times

As a nation, we have been moving through new, trying, and groundbreaking times in 2020. Going through a global pandemic to now a national cry for justice and the many other causes being raised across the globe, it’s become important as citizens to do our part. Contributing financially to causes that improve the future of humanity is important. If you’ve been questioning whether or not to give, or have been worried about scammers and hackers using these difficult times to steal personal information, it is not a reason for inaction. The FTC recently shared some important tips on their blog for donating safely.

Here is a quick run-down of some of the things we can do to fight scammers, donate safely, and contribute to important causes.

Do Your Research

As with anything, it is important that you do your research about a company that you feel inclined to open up your wallet in support of. You can start with a simple Google search of the company to learn more about them and ensure they have an actual business. Other tips like searching their name + the keyword “scam” or “complaint” could pull up results that reveal if others have had an issue with their donations. While many heartfelt pleas for help will be made, it’s important to know exactly who and what you are donating to so be smart and do research before you proceed.

Use Protected Payment Methods

It is far easier to recover from a scam or breach when you have a payment source that backs you up. Tracking back cash is difficult and let’s be honest no real charitable foundation will require cash only donations. However, verified transactions using a certified source to process the payment can ensure you have proof of your contributions for future needs and if an issue arises.

Go with Your Gut

The age-old adage to “go with your gut” applies here too. If you feel as though something isn’t right, or are being rushed to quickly donate cash to someone, trust your instincts and before you donate do the above: research and use caution when giving your donation.

In times like these, it is still very important to give back to the causes that matter. With some careful navigation, it’s still possible to donate safely.


Donating Safely

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