Document Shredding: Onsite Versus Offsite

Document Shredding: Onsite Versus Offsite

Hiring a professional and certified document destruction company is good business practice for any organization, and not just because it’s the environmentally-sound thing to do, but because it safeguards your business against unnecessary security breaches.

We’ve already discussed why employees are often the problem when it comes to in-house shredding and when and how you should have your documents professionally destroyed. Once you’ve made the decision to hire a certified company like Legal Shred, it’s time to consider the options of how we can handle your old paperwork. There are two ways to go about destroying old files: onsite or offsite. Which is right for you? There are benefits to both, and here are just a few:

In terms of onsite shredding, all of your old files and paperwork are transported after they have been destroyed on the truck at the site of your business. Because the paper is mixed in the truck, it is impossible for anyone to piece it together. This also mitigates the risk of transporting whole files prior to destruction. Nothing is ever left unattended and you are witness to the destruction of your files right then and there.

While onsite destruction means peace of mind right in front of your eyes, offsite destruction is a viable option for those who need less disruption and competitive pricing. At Legal Shred, we send our certified shredding experts to you to pick up your documents and safely and securely transport it back to our facilities to have it destroyed within minutes. We offer regular pick-up schedules for our clients or can easily just pick-up on an as-needed basis, and can do any volume required. A certificate of destruction is issued that verifies that your documents were certified destroyed in compliance with all federal and local laws.

The choice of choosing offsite versus onsite destruction depends on the customer’s budget and shredding needs. Legal Shred can perform document destruction right at your place of business or pick it up for you and shred it at our facilities. The choice is yours. Call Legal Shred for a quote today and let us service your document destruction needs.

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