Getting Greener With Paper Shredding

Getting Greener With Paper Shredding

There’s a lot of talk about green these days. Almost in every industry, you’ll find a “green” version of a product, promising a gentler impact on the environment, toting eco-responsibility, and sometimes, it can save you money. When it comes to business, it’s all about energy efficiency and reducing paper waste.

Using less paper can clearly be a good thing. Going paperless means less excess to pollute the environment. The average American creates about 4.43 pounds of trash per day, and some 30 percent of that is paper. Tallied up, that’s a lot of paper that isn’t serving any purpose. If you’re going for a smaller carbon footprint, then eliminating how much paper you use is one small step toward doing so.

Of course, running a business means you can’t avoid all paperwork, as much of it comes in the form of tax records, employee history, key corporate documents, and much more. When it’s time to clean out the file boxes and get rid of the waste, there are safer, more efficient ways to dispose of it properly, and yes, there are even green ways, too.

Professional shredding is the perfect way to be environmentally-conscious while keeping your corporation secure and safe. Shredding and then recycling old paperwork keeps landfills free from unnecessary paper waste. Despite being an overly connected society, we are still reliant on paper and it is still one of the most used materials in circulation.

The process of shredding gives you peace of mind that you are doing your part to protect the environment for you and your customers.

Legal Shred will securely shred your old documents and then we recycle the paper. Shredded paper can be turned into many consumer goods, like paper plates and paper towels. Not only does your company maintain its privacy and security through professional document destruction, you are contributing to the health of the environment. That is recycling at its best.

What better way to celebrate Earth Day is there than to properly dispose of your unwanted paper while helping the environment? Legal Shred can help with all of your shredding needs and help recycle all of your destroyed documents.

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