Create a Routine Schedule for Staying Organized

Create a Routine Schedule for Staying Organized

Earlier this week, we discussed how keeping clutter at bay can give productivity a boost, and while getting rid of unnecessary items and paperwork is all well and good, it’s even better to set up a routine schedule to maintain your newly organized space.

Maybe it seems overwhelming trying to get and stay organized, but think about it this way: you will actually spend the same amount of time organizing yourself as you would creating the clutter, including paper clutter. How can you combat this?

Fight the paper battle daily.
Paper, especially in an office space, is the biggest source of clutter. Bills, bank statements, personnel records, payroll records, marketing materials, pamphlets, memos, are all culprits of clutter. While all are necessary and many records need to be retained for a specific amount of time, you can easily deal with paper on a daily basis to keep it at bay. File the documents that need retaining right away. Secure personal information in a locked cabinet and retain for the amount of time necessary. Keep paper that can be discarded in a recycle bin for future shredding and recycling.

Keep a schedule.
Scheduling your cleanup time is imperative to staying organized, so make sure you schedule this essential time in. Whether you focus on clearing the paper for 15 minutes or once a week for a couple of hours, it’s important to keep this time for organizing.

Plan ahead.
Are you always rushing to find that important document, or can’t remember where you stashed those marketing materials for your next pitch? Take 15 minutes before you start and end your day to place your needed documents within reach, all while ditching the ones that are cluttering up the important stuff.

All of these organizing strategies are supported with a routine paper shredding schedule. With routine document destruction from Legal Shred, there are no contracts and billing is automatic. Routine schedules are also flexible; you can set up a weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly schedule, whatever frequency that you need to keep your office or home organized and free of unnecessary paper clutter.

Legal Shred is certified with NAID (National Association of Information Destruction), so you know that your job will be handled properly and with the utmost care.

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