Don’t just trash records

Don’t just trash records

Harry Wessel (Orlando Sentinel)
7/24/2005 – While the new disposal rule largely impacts businesses and employers, it sends a message to everyone: Personal information can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Any document with your Social Security number, your credit-card number(s) or other personal information can be used by an identity thief. Those in the document-destruction business warn it is risky to dispose of such documents in the trash.

Mechanical shredders are widely available, selling for as little as $25. These are suitable for many shredding tasks. However, if you have canceled checks, bank statements and other such papers that have accumulated over the years, you likely will save time, and possibly money, by having the papers professionally shredded.

Some document-shredding companies will come to your home; others will ask you to bring the material to them, and many will give you the choice. The National Association for Information Destruction lists member companies on its Web site, There are 47 member companies in Florida, eight of which are in Central Florida. You also can find companies in the Yellow Pages under “Paper Shredding.”

Harry Wessel
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