Don’t try to vacation on his dime: Meet the identity theft vigilante

SCAPPOOSE, Ore. — Tom Lambert and his wife escaped to the beaches of Florida for a few days of pristine white sand, stunning beaches and an atmosphere of luxury.

The Acqualina Beach Resort and Spa in Miami, Fla. is a great destination when you need a break from a chilly January in Scappoose.

Tom and his wife paid for that luxury, too.

They billed $7,000 to their credit card.

The only problem is Tom and his wife weren’t actually in Florida. In fact, Tom has never even been to the Sunshine State.

They noticed the $7,000 charge on their MasterCard bill last Sunday.

Instead of calling the bank or the police, Tom called the hotel.

“I asked for myself,” he said. “They verified that, yes, I was there.”

Of course, he wasn’t. So Tom asked for the manager.

He says the manager alerted hotel security and told him the Miami Police Department was on its way.

“The manager said hotel security had two people in a room,” said Tom.

A good lesson to check your credit card statements carefully.

KATU is working with its ABC affiliate news station in Miami to track down more information about any arrests.

The Acqualina Resort did not return a phone call on Sunday.

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