Identity Theft: Be on Guard

Identity Theft: Be on Guard

Written by Natalie Thomas
4/9/2007 – DID YOU KNOW?
• Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America
• According to a Federal Trade Commission survey, 9.9 million identity theft victims were reported in the U.S. last year

• While there are several ways to protect yourself against identity theft, there is no guaranteed protection
• Identity thieves are become smarter, and because of such technology as the internet, personal information such as credit card numbers are being compromised

• If you are a victim of identity theft, your first step should be damage control
• If your are a victim, both the FTC and the Department of Justice say your first step should be to contact all creditors and financial institutions with whom your name and identifying data have been fraudulently used, and close those accounts

But if you had to contact all of your creditors and financial institutions, would you have all of your credit card numbers and bank account information readily available? You would…if you had F.I.R.M.

The Family Information Readiness Manager (F.I.R.M) is a new software that’s more than just a database of information. It’s a VAULT, sealed full with all of your family’s most important information. And the information is encrypted and password protected, so that your information remains private, confidential and secure.

F.I.R.M. is so easy to navigate and setup, that if you have ever sent an email, or if you’ve ever used Microsoft Word, you’ll breeze right through the process. So, as easy as sending an email, you can have all of your family’s credit card and banking information stored in one secure place, along with medical and immunization records, fingerprints and investment information. You can have passport information, wills, and your entire household inventory…right at your fingertips.

If you were the victim of identity theft, would you be ready? Save yourself time and energy. Let F.I.R.M. speed up your damage control. It is the most important software package you will buy this year.

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