Hospital Worker Charged In Identity Theft Ring Targeting Seniors

Hospital Worker Charged In Identity Theft Ring Targeting Seniors

9/17/2007 – Police have arrested Samia Morse, a 27-year-old South Philadelphia woman, who was a temporary clerk at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Investigators said that over a two-year period ending last January, Morse stole the profiles of patients and then purchased more than $10,000 worth of items.

She was charged with forgery, theft by deception and related offenses.

“This person went to that store on someone else’s back. She did it by victimizing the elderly,” said Capt. John Gallagher of the Philadelphia police major crimes unit.

Police said Morse had shipped to her home high-end shoes costing between $600 and $800, designer purses that run as much as $500, and the most expensive clothing sold by Neiman Marcus.

Investigators also said that when they raided Morse’s home on the 1800 block of Mifflin Street, they found the profiles of at least 300 people.

Police said the former temp worker used the identities of at least four patients so far. All of the victims were over 70 years of age. But police said their investigation into Morse’s scheme is just beginning.

“She got actual, original copies, took home profiles, got Pennsylvania driver’s licenses and applied for instant credit and rang up as much as she could in a short amount of time,” Gallagher said.

Police said an alert sales person at Neiman Marcus noticed the numerous shipments going to Morse’s address and notified police.

Authorities said they believe others were involved. They said they expect to find more victims and make more arrests.

Einstein officials said Morse was hired by an outside temp agency. In an official statement, the hospital also said they take the security of their patients seriously and strive to adhere to the highest standards to protect the identities and privacy of their patients. They called the incident unfortunate and said they are fully cooperating with police.

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