Electronics Recycling 101: 3 Reasons to Dispose of Your Electronic Devices

Here are 3 reasons you should responsibly dispose of your electronic devices.

Today’s world is powered by electronics. Everything we do from work to play involves devices that help us to shop, pay, communicate and so much more.

As our dependence on electronics continues to grow, one thing that’s not readily talked about is what happens at the end of life of these devices.

In time, technology will become outdated or no longer work and will need to be replaced. Tossing them into the trash is not only irresponsible, it can also lead to security breaches of your private information or hefty fines.

As part of our new, “Electronic Recycling & Data Destruction Series,” we’re discussing all the ways you can recycle electronics today and why it’s a vital practice to put in place.

Here are 3 reasons you should responsibly dispose of your electronic devices.

  1. Keep Toxic Chemicals Out of the Soil – Most of the components used to make these high-tech devices are toxic. From lead to mercury and chromium – these are dangerous materials and should be treated as such. Safe handling in careful and controlled environments by professionals is a critical part of the disposal process.
  2. Reduce Landfill Waste – Today’s landfills are spilling over with tons of waste and it’s a huge problem. To reduce unnecessary trash piling up in landfills, it’s important to keep items out that could instead be responsibly recycled. Pieces and parts of devices that can be melted down should be sent to the appropriate places, or items that emit toxic fumes if incinerated or buried in the ground must be kept out.
  3. Protect Private Information – Perhaps one of the most important reasons to maintain an e-waste program with a reputable waste disposal company is because of the private data most of these items contain. Remember that the devices we are using today are communicating with other devices, collecting private data and sharing it, saving passwords and more. If this information gets into the wrong hands it could be used in a security breach, for identity theft, and worse.

At Legal Shred, we care about helping businesses protect their private data as well as keeping the environment healthy for all. Our device destruction services include disposal and destruction of hard drives as well as recycling of electronics in a safe, efficient and effective manner.


Dispose of your electronic devices

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