Cybersecurity 101 for Small Businesses

Small businesses are a key target for criminals because the assumption is that less professional protections are in place. Here is the 101 on cybersecurity for small businesses, and key tips to stay protected.

Our first installment looks closely at how small businesses in particular, are affected by cybersecurity threats today and what can be done to strengthen defenses against potential breaches.

Small businesses are arguably the lifeblood of today’s economy. While there are numerous opportunities for success, there are also increasing security risks happening that can cripple operations and put you and your customers at serious risk.

Small businesses are a key target for criminals because the assumption is that less professional protections are in place. In fact, one report noted that 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.

Here are some things you can do right now to ensure your small business is protected.

Clean Up Your Files

If you want to protect your data you need to ensure it’s clean to begin with. Run a system clean-up and rid your systems of any malicious files that could be presenting a problem. This should be the first step if you truly want peace of mind that your data is secure. 

Put up-to-date Security Software in Place

The next important thing you’ll want to have in place at your business is up-to-date security software. It’s not enough to just “set it” and “forget it.” There are constant patches and new versions of software being released that target emerging threats. It’s important to update regularly for maximum protection.

Secure Your Network and Devices

One of the main ways threats make their way in is through unsecured networks and devices. Maintain secure network access and only allow employees to use devices you approve of to protect your data. If they’re connecting to your networks with their personal devices, or worse, access private data via devices you don’t know about, the risk potential greatly increases.

Train and Enforce Policies

The other important piece of the puzzle is training and policy enforcement. This ensures that rules are in place and that everyone is following them to protect your business from security issues. Continual training on how to recognize threats and best practices for keeping your business safe is critical.



Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

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