Keep Your Mobile Device Safe With These Data Security Tips

Why you need to secure your mobile device and how to best protect your information.

Smartphones and mobile devices are a one-stop payment, personal health, work, gaming, productivity, texting, and social media-using machine.  We use them to do just about everything, from mobile banking to navigating new places, to emailing out last-minute notes on a project.  Computing on the go means we need to do more to protect our data that we carry in our hands.  Here’s how you can protect yourself from mobile device data theft.

Employ the Use of a Passcode

Not using a passcode can open you up to a host of horrible situations.  You’re essentially handing over all of your personal information to anyone who swipes your phone.  When you set up your passcode, use the same security measures you would on any other device, such as not using your birthday or social security number.

Always Download the Latest Updates from Your Carrier and Device Manufacturer

Software updates often patch security and privacy holes users have found as they’ve tested the software out in the real world.  Keeping your software up to date will mean you’ll have the very latest solutions.

Beware of Public Hotspots

If you rely on WiFi, be sure to take caution when using public WiFi hotspots.  Hackers may be able to access public networks and see any information you send over them, including bank account numbers, logins and passwords, and other confidential business information.  If you’re using public WiFi to surf the Web, be sure to have your device “forget” the network to ensure your safety.

Logout of Your Accounts

Staying logged in to social media apps on your device is convenient, but if someone gets access to your device, even for a minute, he or she can see the information displayed in any open apps and even impersonate you.  To keep your device safe, always log out of apps when you’re done using them.

Software Can Help Protect Lost Devices

Install software or an app that will allow you to wipe the data on your devices remotely if it is lost or stolen. Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager offer this option.  Some apps, like Find My iPhone, also allow you to track where your device is if it is lost or stolen.

Don’t Trash Old Devices. Shred Them.

While mobile devices have certainly become part of our daily life, the truth of the matter is these gadgets have a lifespan.  With newer models being rolled out as technology evolves, obsolete devices end up becoming paperweights for our desks.  Unless you’re planning to sell your old device, your best course of action is to shred it.

Data security isn’t exclusive to desktop computers or big machines. Protect yourself and your mobile device. Your identity depends on it!


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