The Eco Benefits Of Choosing The Right Document Destruction Company

The Eco Benefits Of Choosing The Right Document Destruction Company

Although the talk of a paperless office has been trending for years, the reality of the situation is that most businesses, offices and organizations still rely quiet heavily on traditional paper based documents. From sales orders to meeting notes, everyday there are countless paper based documents that need to be discarded in a proper method. While in the past the biggest concern was security, more and more organizations are focusing on the eco side of document destruction, namely the recycling and conservation side of paper based document destruction. By choosing the right document destruction company you can achieve both, all while saving money on a monthly basis.

Virtually any company has the need to protect vital information, and this need also presents an opportunity to quantifiably show your green efforts and save your company money on monthly services. Showing your companies green initiates can be difficult, especially coming up with actual numbers to show clients and shareholders. It’s easy to talk about efforts and explain the steps being taken to help the environment, and it is another thing to be able to show the number of trees you have physically saved. The future of the document destruction industry incorporates both safety measures and green initiatives for a prime example where shareholders and environmentalists see eye to eye.

One of the most important aspects of having your documents shredded by a professional company is the fact that you are then able to have those same documents recycled (after being properly destroyed). This is vitally important in order to help improve the environmental health of the planet as we are all aware of the damage landfills and garbage sites play on local ecosystems. Instead of filling landfills with shredded documents, recycling them allows you to do your part to help make the world a healthier place to live while making business conscious decisions.

Although not all paper shredding companies go through the efforts of recycling, finding one that does will have unexpected benefits. For example, cutting edge companies provide clients with specific information about the quantity of paper that has been collected and recycled. This information can be converted into an actual number of ‘trees saved’ that can then be shared with clients and shareholders in monthly updates and blogs.

Best of all, collecting as much recyclable material as possible benefits both the recycling company and the client. Cutting edge document shredding companies will provide clients with specialized receptacles to aid in the sorting and collection of recyclable materials. This helps keep offices clean and organized, and allows the recycling company to provide clients with the most effective service possible, thereby keeping recyclable greens out of landfills and more green in the company bank account.

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