Does Your Company’s Security Policy Include Paper?

Companies are trusted with the personal and sensitive information of customers and employees, making an effective security policy a high priority.

Does your business have a solid security policy? A security policy is a document that states in writing how a company plans to protect the company’s physical and digital assets. Similar to how a home security system protects the privacy and integrity of a home, a security policy is designed to ensure the privacy of company data.  Every day, companies are trusted with the personal and highly sensitive information of customers and employees, making an effective security policy, a high priority.

Organizations are connected internally and externally—the data stored in the hardware, software, applications, and documents are your assets, and so are your gates, doors, and buildings that are being used throughout the daily operations. When you have an established physical security policy, you provide a sense of protection and safety in the working environment.

A security policy should cover both physical and digital items. Developing a physical security policy for your organization requires planning, such as employing the use of alarms and cameras, using an alarm system, and of course using locks on all doors, including locked storage bins for files and other sensitive paperwork.

Any information should be protected against unauthorized personnel or third party affiliates from disclosure, modification, hacking, or theft.

Offices can protect data by implementing a clean desk and clear screen policy to mitigate the risks of unauthorized access beyond working hours.

When it comes to the removal of property, this should include procedures for proper document management authorization, and document destruction.

Have a policy of shredding documents that have outlasted their retention periods or are simply no longer required. Thieves and other wrongdoers will go through your trash to find any information they can use to their advantage, so do not throw whole documents out with the regular trash.

If you have a surplus of sensitive documents, Legal Shred can come to your place of business to shred on site and destroy them. Legal Shred protects our customers by providing secure paper shredding and hard drive destruction under federal and state destruction laws. More than 40 Federal laws mandate that all business, healthcare, and financial institutions protect the confidential information of their clientele and employees. Does your security policy include this? Legal Shred can help you stay compliant and stick to your security policy.

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Security Policy

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