Why You Should Attend Community Shredding Events

Far too frequently people tend to hold onto old and sensitive documents longer than they need to. Conversely, rather than keeping documents, many people simply just toss them in the trash.

With identity theft on the rise, document security and identity protection are a high priority. These are the most convincing reasons that you should attend local community shredding events.

While routine services are perfect for businesses or residents who amass a lot of paperwork and need regular shredding, community shredding events are for those who need a one-time clean out.

These events are usually sponsored by local businesses, charities, nonprofit organizations, and even local banks. When these organizations partner with a reputable shredding company like Legal Shred, securely destroying your sensitive is as simple as showing up!

One of the easiest and most effective precautions against identity theft is to shred documents that contain sensitive data, such as old financial statements, canceled checks, credit card offers, and other dated documents containing personal information.

If you’ve ever tried shredding your own documents at home, you know the challenges that come with it. Spending hours shredding paper in a small shredder that constantly jams and requires frequent emptying of the paper bin is enough to frustrate the most patient person.

The benefits of attending a local shredding event include:

  • Protecting yourself from identity theft
  • Safeguarding your confidential information
  • Recycling paperwork that would otherwise end up in a landfill

Often these are free to the public, but some events are fundraisers for charitable organizations, which is a great way to raise money that goes right back to the local community.

Legal Shred is always scheduling new community document shredding events, so there’s bound to be a future opportunity near you in the coming months. Are you interested in setting up a community shredding event in your area? Contact us today and tell us where you want to see our trucks and we’ll be happy to help!

Community Shredding Events

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