Gender-based fraud? Are Women Being Targeted?

A new type of fraud is emerging that merits close attention: Gender-based fraud. Fraud and security concerns are two major topics affecting populations across the globe today. As scammers get more sophisticated in their attacks it’s critical that the public pay close attention to their moves and remain on the defense.

Often times these criminals will target populations they feel are more vulnerable. Senior citizens have infamously been contacted by fraudsters for example. They will pretend to be grandchildren or someone in distress – even the IRS – looking to collect financial information.

A new type of fraud is emerging that merits close attention: Gender-based fraud.

Scammers are making it a point to specifically target women based on their behavior and use that information for identity theft and illegal financial gains.

In 2016, women reported more cases of identity theft than men.

In celebration of International Women’s Day we thought this was a good time to dive a little deeper into this emerging topic and provide some tips to keep you safe.

As you likely know, identity theft is one of the worst types of fraud because it involves the use of personal information to perpetrate crimes. Identity theft is also one of the most common crimes in the U.S. and outweighs burglary, auto theft and assault. So there’s still a lot of work to do to fight the issue.

Fraudsters typically look for ways to gain access to this sensitive information so they can open credit lines, buy cars and worse with the key data. Guarding personal data is a must.

What many fraudsters are doing now is finding the vulnerable ‘soft spots’ in groups – like women – who are known to be more trusting and may give in if a scam pulls at their heart strings.

In fact, online dating sites in the U.K. have already been exposed for crimes where women are in what they think is a romantic courting, and are trusting too soon and sending money or giving up personal data only for it to be used for malicious intent or financial gain.

So what can you do to protect your heart and stand up for women across the globe? Get proactive, take a stand and become informed!

It’s important to keep a watchful eye on the headlines and understand what possible attacks could end up crossing your path so that when they do you are prepared to combat them. If something sounds too good to be true, for example – it likely is. Guard your financial data and other identifying information with anyone you meet online. Be weary of spoof emails and phone numbers that appear to be from a trusting source.

Another important thing to also do is ensure your personal data is protected. Paper shredding is the answer. Work with a professional provider who you can trust. We handle everything from hard drives, to one box of papers to several boxes of documents. At Legal Shred, it’s our job to ensure you never have to worry where your paperwork will end up. Take control and call Legal Shred today. We can help answer questions you may have about the latest identity theft scams, including gender-based fraud.


Gender-based Fraud

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