ICYMI: Legal Shred’s 6 Month Retrospective

ICYMI: Legal Shred’s 6 Month Retrospective

As we look back on 2016 thus far, the past 6 months have been remarkable in many ways. Here at Legal Shred, we have been busy expanding and growing to meet and exceed the needs of our customer base. We have built relationships with clients, which has been vital to our growth and stability; we are completely dedicated to customer service.

Years of commitment, hard work, and wonderful customers have allowed us to provide the best solutions possible and have contributed greatly to our advancement and development.

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from Legal Shred’s banner year so far:

New Look, New Website, New Trucks

June has been absolutely buzzing with change for Legal Shred. In the last two weeks alone, we’ve launched our new website, expanded our territories, gave our trucks a makeover, and changed our branding. We are especially proud of our new website!

According to our Founder and Vice President, Jason Fredricks: “We couldn’t be more thrilled about our new website launch and the robust information it provides for our customers to better understand Legal Shred as the premier identity protection company. We believe that this new site will allow our visitors to have an informative experience as we continue to grow and better service our communities.”

Have you visited it yet? Point your browser to legalshred.com and look around.

Growth, Expansion, New Territories

May brought some big news for Legal Shred in terms of expansion; we received approval from the Business Integrity Commission in NYC, which allows us to have a presence in the five boroughs of the Big Apple.

The Business Integrity Commission (BIC) regulates all licensees and registrants in commercial waste removal throughout the city. It aims to provide an open, competitive environment in a fair and established manor.

In June, we announced our expansion into Northwest Connecticut and South West Massachusetts, in addition to our territories in New York and Florida.

Partnerships, Acquisitions, and More

In April, Legal Shred announced a strategic partnership with HV Shred, helping us to expand our New York presence. Like Legal Shred, HV Shred is a family-owned business that shares a common goal: to provide a secure and economical shredding alternative for local businesses with an emphasis on customer service. HV Shred now operates under the Legal Shred name, and we are proud of this joint venture.

Also in April, we acquired Stay Green Shredding, which helped us expand our presence to customers and businesses in Long Island, New York. Legal Shred and Stay Green both strive to play a vital role in all of the communities they serve, so the acquisition was a natural progression.


Legal Shred has been busy with events this year, too!

In May, we partnered with the New York Police Department, Emerald Isle Immigration Center and the NYC Mayor’s Office, and Community Affairs Unit for a free shredding event, which raised money for the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador.

Legal Shred also participated in this year’s Shred Fest in New York City,  a two-day event to assist residents with secure, safe document destruction.

In Closing..

It’s been a fantastic 6 months for Legal Shred, we are thrilled about the next 6 months and beyond. Be sure to visit our blog for informative tips, industry news, and updates to document destruction laws.

Of course, our sincere gratitude to our customers and supporters for making these last 6 months the most prosperous for Legal Shred.