Four Reasons Why Shredding Sensitive Documents is a Wise Step for Your Future

Four Reasons Why Shredding Sensitive Documents is a Wise Step for Your Future

Paper shredding services can be beneficial to businesses and individuals, not to mention the environment. Many people underestimate the importance of having sensitive and personal documents destroyed in a swift and secure manner, because they are not fully aware of the risks this information can have if it falls into the wrong hands. Listed below are four of the reasons secure document disposal is important for your financial and legal safety.

I. The Data Protection Act

Organisations that collect personal information about individuals are required to follow certain guidelines when it comes to storing and disposing of this data. This set of rules is known as The Data Protection Act, and it is a vital part of identity security for millions. The employment of a NAID certified company is the best way to ensure that the protection act’s guidelines are met, as they will promptly destroy the sensitive information onsite. Failure to comply with the document destruction rules of the Data Protection Act of 1993 can result in hefty fines and serious legal implications.

II. To Protect Against Espionage

This one mainly applies to companies. With the management of every business comes more than a fair share of sensitive documents and very important papers. Also with every business comes the threat of competitors. The potential to either damage your business, or give their own a boost, by getting a hold of one of these very important papers is more a risk than you may imagine. From stealing marketing ideas to sabotage, secure paper shredding can be a very wise investment for protection from dangers of industrial espionage.

III. To Prevent Criminal Misuse of Materials

Some items are created for a sole purpose, and after the need for the item has passed it must be destroyed. Examples of these types of items are security passes, prescription pads, company stationary, uniforms, Identification cards or anything else that a criminal could use in some way to pull a fast one for personal gain. Certain organisations require the employment of a certified shredding professional.

VI. As Protection From Identity Theft

Especially since the evolution of such a wide internet market place, identity theft is growing at an alarmingly rapid rate. More and more people are finding a way to beat the system, and in many cases, they can do it with one carelessly discarded piece of official mail. Small office paper shredders can be purchased at many office stores, but even those cannot truly be credited as providing a secure means of document destruction, because they often only cut the paper into uniform strips. Unfortunately these strips of shredded paper can easily be put back together with some patience and a roll of clear tape. And if you don’t believe it can be or is done, all you need is a few strips of shredded paper and a roll of sticky clear tape and “voila”.

Author Bio – Cynthia Williams is a free-lance writer, who enjoys studying anything related to business strategy, finance, and investment. She has recently been studying methods and regulations of document destruction for work research purposes, and always enjoys the chance to share what she has learned through blogging.

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