Apple Device Recycling 101

While mobile devices have certainly become part of our daily life, the truth of the matter is these gadgets have a lifespan. Apple in particular is notorious for rolling out newer models as their technology improves, creating a lot of obsolete or useless devices that owners may not know how to properly recycle. Here’s what you need to know about that old iPhone or Mac computer.

Why Recycle Your Old Apple Device

One frightening trend that has become apparent is that people are simply leaving old phones lying around when they get a new one.  This issue is compounded in an office, where rooms can be filled to the brim with old phones that serve no other purpose than to be stolen. Your identity relies on you to properly recycle your device.

The same rule applies to old MacBook computers. These machines are loaded with personal and private information. Leaving them around opens you up for identity theft and identity fraud.

Options for Apple Device Recycling

For those that are moving on from Apple products or just want to get rid of old devices, there is mobile shredding. The same shredding that handles documents can handle any old Apple device or computer. In fact, shredding is secure and environmentally friendly. Throwing away old devices literally means throwing away valuable metals including copper, silver, gold, and palladium. Tossing old Apple devices in the landfill is not a sustainable action and is very detrimental to the environment.

The best solution for getting rid of your old Apple Device is through secure media shredding.  Your data is guaranteed to be safe and irretrievable when the storage components are shredded and the scrap is recycled.

A dedicated shredder can guarantee complete destruction of electronic media.  You can rest easy and have peace of mind that your identity is safe and secure. Let Legal Shred help with your old Apple device recycling needs.

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Apple Device Recycling

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